Saturday morning ballet~
I sat outside on the balcony with a cup of tea and a book while she hopped and skipped

a stop by the market afterwards~
she ran around with some buddies, squealing and playing like puppies
as little ones do
I bought a pastry (as usual)
and some dark chocolate (as usual)

tea and apples, the pastry
at the home of dear friends
where it was decided we should take the girls to Asheville
for a ride on the trolley

and so we did
we learned a lot about the town and afterwards
the girls rode the turkey statues and, apparently,
milked the mama pig

Sunday was some garden and yard work
aside from the peppers and okra and tomatillos,
some greens, the raspberries, and fall lettuces and baby root crops,
things are winding down for the season

and while it's sad in a way to be saying farewell to
much of the garden until spring,
there is something tidy about it as well
tidy and comfortable and timely

I'm ready for the crisp, cool air
the briskness of fall
for cider and hot tea and all things
pumpkin and apple

in another month maybe the woodstove will see some use


  1. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! :)

    1. it was fun, just the right amount of 'out and about' and time at home~

  2. I love the "tidy"of the garden this time of year, especially after the wild towards the end of the season.

    I am ready for fall too, we have had a little taste the last few weeks, but this week we are suppose to be back to warmer temps.

    Have a wonderful week.

    1. yes it was definitely a bit wild out there over the last few weeks until we really got a handle on clearing out and putting beds to rest for the season.

      you too!

  3. A wonderful weekend creating some wonderful memories.

    1. the trolley was loads of fun, I just know she's going to want to go again!

  4. beautiful weekend and I adore your daughter's hat! my daughter had one in dark blue, sweet memories.

    1. she LOVES her bonnet. we picked it up at our favorite living history farm up near my in-laws' place. she wears it all the same in lieu of a more common sun hat :)

  5. I am hoping to make it to Asheville soon, my future daughter in love's mama and grandmother are there, it's such a fun town. How much fun it must be to live so close.
    I am so excited for fall to arrive, sigh, it's been missed.

    1. we are just about 15 minutes from Asheville and usually end up there once a week or so. Mike works for the Asheville FD so he is there more often, of course. if you are in town and have time to meet up, let me know!

      definitely happy to be feeling fall in the air these days!

  6. those photos of you girl in her bonnet remind me of the red bean. she was gifted a little house on the prairie bonnet, dress, apron and wore them everywhere.

    1. how sweet~ we read all but the last of the Little House books for bedtime reading over the course of the year last year and it got Claire turned onto all things prairie for a bit. we were always playing like we were laura and ma and pa, or some variation thereof. she was way into pretending to thresh wheat and became attached to her bonnet. she's forgotten a lot about the books, and so I plan to start them again at bedtime as the weather gets cooler. something about Little House in the Big Woods makes me want to read it snuggled under warm blankets.

  7. I recognized those pigs! Have you seen the cat statues in town? They are amazing! Looking forward to Fall here also - made some apple cider and apple cider donuts this past weekend and the wood pile is stacked and ready to go.

    1. No I haven't seen the cat statues- where are those? Claire is way into the pigs and turkeys, and also the little girl drinking from the water fountain. I keep meaning to pick up brochures to take the self-guided walking tour of the statues.

      oh yum! I've never made cider doughnuts myself- do you have a favorite recipe?


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