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one of the women who participated in the big blogger swap that I hosted in February decided to host one for children the following month.  of course, Claire participated.  we were paired up with two families, sending a package to one and receiving a package from another, similar to the way I did the adult swap.  she had a blast making goodies to send to her partner Julia, whose mom, Meg, blogs at Four Wild Blueberries.  she made a book, a watercolor book (blank inside), an embroidered wall hanging, and helped choose seeds from our garden to send to her new friend.  I threw in a couple little fairy blankets for Julia's fairy friends.  from what I see on Meg's blog, these two would hit it off right away, each enjoying gardening and fairies and wearing purple dress-up dresses.  very sweet.

on the other end of things, Claire received a package from Eislee, one of Jenny's girls.  Jenny is behind the lovely blog phishybee and, whether or not she knows it, she was one of the people who really motivated me towards coordinating the blogger swap in the first place.  Eislee made Claire a box full of sweet little flower fairies, a necklace, and lavender-scented play dough.  Jenny made Claire a necklace as well and threw in a very adorable little snail stamp that she made for yours truly.  many, many thanks to Jenny and Eislee, and to Marcela at Naturally Fun Days for coordinating this children's swap.


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    1. ah, kids~ they come up with some pretty cute stuff, don't they?

  2. I think having a swap for the wee ones is such a fun idea. Love the fairies.

    1. me too! so glad Marcela decided to host this kiddo swap~

  3. this is so adorably sweet and what bounty to receive!! Love the package that your little one sent off as well :)

  4. thank you amanda :) and thank you so much for your package... i love it so much! it absolutely made my day when it came! we have been so busy around here.. i kind of disappeared from blog land for awhile but it feels good to be finding my way back. i am so glad to see that your mom is officially on the path to recovery now! thank goodness!! and it is wonderful to see what you and claire have been up too :) missed you!


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