thursday night I woke suddenly
stomach flu

early the following morning
Mike at work,
Claire asleep,
I put out a call to neighbors for carbonated beverages
(facebook can serve a purpose)

I was tipped off about mexican cokes in a neighbor's garage
so I walked down in my robe and slippers and grabbed one
(the tip came from the mexican-coke-owning neighbor, she just wasn't home)
and then
sprite and oyster crackers were literally delivered to my door by a friend

and so I sipped soda on the couch in the early morning light,
admittedly enjoying the much needed burps
I even sent my inner conscientious consumer packing when she started
giving me a hard time
about the coke products
you know- big bad company, dirty water, soaring diabetes and obesity rates....

after she (Claire, not the inner conscientious consumer) woke I realized how very tired I was
and so, sesame street and cereal watched Claire while I slept for a couple hours
yes, really
the doors were locked and i told her not to leave the house
besides, after showing her how to go to the next video herself on netflix
I knew she'd likely not wander far

a dear neighbor invited her over to play
deciding that was a much better option than more videos, I readily accepted
the kids walked over to 'pick up' Claire
I took a bath, read, sat
she was returned a couple hours later, clad in a pillowcase dress leftover from their acting

dinner, then
miso soup with onions, garlic, ginger, kale and butternut squash
a fire

middle of the night my body raged against the miso soup I was so sure would hold

come saturday morning, it seemed to have truly passed
just a bit queasy
a bit slow

ballet, coffee shop date
(those things seemed important, queasy or not)

sold our first two dozen eggs
hoping to sell some syrup soon
(again, facebook was a big help in this department- it seems it may actually prove to be
a somewhat useful tool if used responsibly)

a decent sap collection and another day spent tending fires and boiling
I finally picked up a book after a long reading block
The Fault in Our Stars
I liked it

once again with a belly holding food, it was a rice and veggie dish for dinner
topped with fried eggs
(inspired by Stephinie)

today, a trip to the park
bunny came along

a smaller, but still decent sap collection
and then I dropped her off at a good friend's house and
she went with said good friend and good friend's daughter to
another buddy's birthday party
(I opted out, possible residual stomach funk bugs and all...)
instead, I went to the thrift store and on a solo grocery trip

I bought another sled at the grocery store
just in case

they're calling for snow this week
'possible accumulation', they say
so yeah, I'm ready

these glimpses of spring have been nice, but it's still winter so
I'd like to play in the snow a bit more

we'll start seeds inside soon
onions, leeks, shallots....
so really, we can dance a bit between the seasons for
a touch longer

*weekending with amanda


  1. There really is nothing like soda when you're sick. I crave it then too. Glad you are mending.

  2. I remember being ill and having little people still home, it's was hard. I always thought there should be a rule that mama's can't get sick. Glad you are feeling better.
    I wish we were expecting snow, we are only looking at rain ;(

    1. I think that sounds like a very fine rule, indeed.

  3. I am so glad you felt better within a day! I remember being ill (morning sickness) and my little 2 1/2 year old daughter sat in a chair near my sofa and I slept with a hand on her thigh so she wouldn't disappear. She drew and watched sesame street for 40 minutes and it was all I needed to be mom once again.

    1. me too! all in all it was probably just a touch over 24 hours. they can really rise to the occasion when mama is feeling poorly, I think. Claire was happily helping herself to snacks and doing all sorts of things that she usually 'needs' my help for ;) and oh yes, just a bit rest can really make a world of difference.

  4. Stomach flu last week here, too. I also drank a Mexican coke. And, our book club is reading The Fault in Our Stars. I am business partners with the author's mother. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    1. it's no fun, that's for sure. but yes, all better now, thanks.
      glad you are as well!

  5. I'm so glad you are feeling better. That was one of my fears when my daughter was a baby - getting the stomach flu and not knowing how to keep her occupied while I was so sick. Mexican coke does help with the stomach bug I hear. We are getting ready to plant seeds soon too.

    1. mostly I like the mexican coke because of the glass bottle and real sugar, but it definitely settled my belly quickly.

      it's like christmas, getting ready to plant seeds... so exciting!! every year it makes me just as (if not more) giddy than the last~

  6. there is a purpose for facebook, and there is a purpose for soda, just use both wisely right? :) glad you are feeling better. i have also let the tv babysit my littles when ill... really, it looks like we are all there with you :)

    1. yes indeed- that applies to so many things in life, doesn't it? ;)
      you know, it's actually kind of liberating to no longer feel terrible when I decide to put on a video for her so that I can rest or get something down. she loves it, it helps mama out, and, you know- I'm quite sure she isn't being permanently harmed by it ;)

  7. tummy bug is the worst but i'm with you, the one time i crave a coke is when i'm sick like that. since it's rare, i think you'll live, no obesity, no diabetes ;-)

    glad you are on the mend!

    1. oh, there are other times I crave one.... and I give in once in a blue moon. but yeah, I don't think it'll be the end of me ;)


  8. oh stomach bugs are truly the worst......
    glad you are feeling better.
    thanks for the fb idea.... might use that this spring/summer when we have an abundance of eggs. xo~

    1. it's my favorite use of facebook, really. things like "who wants to trade a bunch of sweet peppers for hot peppers", and such.

  9. We were down for weeks with a bug like that this winter. I'm so glad you are feeling better already... blessings on continued health.

    1. this was an intense, but quick bug it seems. last year Claire came down with a 2-3 day stomach bug every other month from November-March. it's terrible when it lingers, or keeps reappearing!

  10. Mexican Diet Coke is one of my favorites. It just tastes better than the diet coke here. Luckily it's hard to get, that I way I have no problem not drinking the regular stuff here. Hope you're on the mend. My daughter had the bug a couple of weeks ago and now we are all fighting the head cold bug. Except mine is a sinus infection.

    1. wonder what they sweeten it with? I like the mexican coke because they use real sugar and bottle it in glass.

      on the mend, yes! feeling pretty much back to normal.
      oh sinus infections....... ouch! when you walk does your head feel like it's going to explode with every step? feel better soon!

  11. So sorry to hear you got the bug! Sounds like a rough weekend. Hoping you are on the mend and no one else gets it.

  12. Oy! I am late here but happy you are feeling better. My girl and I had it together last spring. All my boy remembers is watching all the shows *he* wanted to watch ;-)

    1. thanks, Dawn~ no fun. so far it's looking like it was just for mama this time around, fingers crossed...


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