snow birds

before we get too far past the snow around here I wanted to share some photos of our hens in the snow.
they are NOT fans, to be sure.  they were all huddled together in the coop just peeking out the door until I came and shoveled a path through the 8" to their food and water (which is located approximately 6 or 7 feet from the coop door).  and even then it was mostly just the younger ones who were willing to get their feet wet (I understand girls, I hate the feeling of wet, naked feet- unless I'm at the beach, and then it is acceptable and even quite grand).

poor Pearl came down to check it out and then flapped her way back up onto the ramp, staring down at the white stuff in disgust.  Margaret, it seemed, agreed with Pearl's disgust and bewilderment.

a while later, on a trip out for more wood, I noticed Rose standing in the middle of the yard.  our yard, not theirs.  a good twenty or thirty feet from the coop.  that chicken was standing as tall as she possibly could, with her little tail feathers pulled up toward the sky.  my guess is she tried to fly up and away from the snow, only to land herself out in the middle of it, not knowing what to do next.  she couldn't have been there for very long, but it was long enough to try several times to fly herself back up and over, according to the wing markings all around her.  poor little Rose.  I delivered her back to the warm coop.

snow birds, they are not.


  1. My poor, bedraggled birds have had quite a winter. They hate snow, so they stay inside; but they are ready for fresh air! Enough of the heat lamp!

  2. Oh your poor girls Amanda. I am sure mine girls wouldn't like snow either.

  3. That was my chickens two weeks ago. We never get snow and they were not having it, I had to hand feed them in their coop since I didn't want them to starve and there was no way they were heading out in the snow!

  4. Our girls are not snow birds to be sure... Huddled in the warmth of their little house is where the preferred to be during our recent snow storm. Not so adventurous, are they? :)

  5. my buff orpingtons are not fans of the snow either - maybe the breed? or just a chicken trait? we have to shovel the snow of their run so it looks like dirt just so they will leave the coop. the things we do for our chickens!!

  6. My ladies have spent a lot of time in their coop this winter. I shovel in front of their coop so they can come outside during the day and be in the sun, but they are funny about walking in the snow!

  7. oh gosh I love chickens. haven't had them since I was a kid. I always loved them. Loved how they coo'd and mumbled, picked at the grubs, scratched the driveway, and that rooster was my favourite!

    1. I too love their noises- especially those low sweet coos


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