good cold fun

so it really happened, the big snow they told us was coming.  7-8" is big time in these parts.
the last time it snowed like this Claire was busy being born.

she loves the snow.  mostly sitting in it, eating it, playing with it....  she was a big fan of the molasses candy on a stick.  she's okay with sledding but still a bit nervous.  it took us a while to coax her down the bigger hills with us this afternoon.  she's cautious.

not a bad thing to be.

we went to this hill behind a church where everyone in town goes.  it runs into the golf course and that's alright because ours is a public course so no one comes and kicks you off or anything.  not like they're doing much golfing right about now...

I only went down the big hill once.  oh it was SO much fun, though!  I haven't gone down a hill like that since I was a kid up at my grandparents' house in the Adirondacks and we went down what I think was called Dynamite Hill on the old wooden sleds with metal runners.  anyway, the waiting area for going down this big hill right behind the church pretty much leaves you standing right on graves as you wait.  you sort of have to so as not to slip and fall down the hill.  at first I wasn't so sure, but then I thought, you know, I bet these people would be glad to be part of such happiness and wintry frivolity.

so.  so yeah.
we brought popcorn and hot cocoa.  
we tried out several different runs in varying degrees of steepness.
she mostly wanted to watch, laugh, eat, drink.
papa and I took turns sledding
she came along a few times

this is a view of the hill from the road back to our place.  the steepest run, the big hill, runs pretty much straight down from that bright orange sled in the upper left of the photo. you can see a bunch of brown going down the hill- behind that tree.  that's where the big bumps are.  I avoided the big bumps.

once this is all melted, I'll be ready to start thinking more about seeds and spring... for now, we still have to make snow cream.  I've never made it but I'm told all I need is snow, maple syrup, and cream.  got it.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this Amanda, it is just beautiful. I'm so glad y'all had such a great time.

  2. I have that antique mug!!!! what fun you had, we have about a foot? of snow and it's still beautiful to me. Love your new header with your daughter peeking around a tree :)

    1. we bought a set of them at an estate sale a couple years ago and I LOVE them. we keep them out all year because Claire insists you can't drink hot cocoa in anything else. (and I like seeing them winking at me from the hutch, too). thank you~ she found this little hidden snowy forest under the hemlocks across the street from our house and sat and played in it for a while..... she looked like a little bundled snow fairy.

  3. goodness, this looks like such fun!! when your not used to weather like this it's a bit like gold, isn't it? :) my mom used to make us snow cream every time it snowed :) sweet memories.... thanks for sharing amanda!

    1. SO much fun, yes! I didn't remember to make the snow cream the day after that post like I intended to........ but there was lots of other snowy fun happening. next time! (by the way, I think your little profile picture is adorable!)


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