long weekend

-art experiments
-still loving the quote wall, especially when I remember to actually stop and look at it
-apple picking, apple saucing, apple drying
-late summer bouquet from the yard and garden
-little bear love

there was also a market visit, some visiting with friends, some seriously high humidity.... and papa took Claire to a birthday party Saturday night while I stayed home alone.  I took a long shower, painted my toe nails, and watched this, a most wonderful movie.  that mama time is some good stuff.  you know.

I quite loved this little bit about the power of cropping- oh so true.  I do it all the time.  Maybe I'll do a little experiment- a series of 'cropped' and 'uncropped'.  I have too much fun playing with the light and lenses to not do it in general (the cropping and the search for that artistic shot, that is), but surely a glance at what's all around that nicely cropped shot would do away with any thoughts out there of 'perfect little worlds' and such.  as if there were such a thing!  we've all got our messy and our less-than-photoworthy.  in just about every corner, I'm sure.

*weekending with amanda


  1. cute!! LOVE the little critters. Bea doesn't have any, but a couple of her friends do, and when we play at their houses, I kind of want to push the kids aside and hog the critters.

    I've been inspired by you to write a quote every now and then (well, I was aiming to change it daily) on my chalkboard in my kitchen. sometimes it goes several weeks with the same quote or a partially written on, drawn around, erased quote.

    pretty, pretty apples. and yeah, i loved that post on cropping too!

    1. these little bears are very very cute. these are not those expensive little calico wee ones (which are so very very cute and maybe someday I'll splurge on a set for me, I mean her) - these were $0.29 each in a bin at AC Moore. heck yeah. of course they also come in fluorescent and pastel colors. blech.

      if it's up several weeks maybe that just means it fits well for the time being. I like imagining a quote on your wall, half-erased, with grocery lists and such written around and over it. I opted to write several and just leave them there. One day I'm sure I'll switch some out.

      we have a neighbor with a big ol' apple tree that has a ton of fruit every couple/few years. this is a big year for the tree so we get to pick- hooray!


  2. What a lovely weekend. Thank you for sharing it with us! And yes... the power of the crop... I would love to see a "cropped/uncropped" series!

    1. I think it'd be a fun little project.

  3. LOOOOOOOVED that movie! So very good and really, it filled me with hope.

    The little bears are sweet. I find Calico Critters all sorts of places in this house and they never fail to make me sigh - oh so cute!

    1. I think I may have first heard about that movie on your blog- maybe? either you mentioned it or someone else did..... anyways, yes- SO good.


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