cut it out

Early this week Mike helped a friend cut a bee hive out of the wall of an old church that was being remodeled.  (a sincere thanks to the contractor for seeking a bee-friendly option instead of spraying those lovely little ladies)  Claire and I came for a while and watched and got a few photos before my camera battery died.  The guys borrowed a thermal-imaging camera from the fire department to see exactly where the hive was located, and discovered comb that was about seven feet long and a very happy and thriving population of bees hidden behind the wall.  They worked for several hours to carefully cut out sections of comb (holding them in place in frames with rubber bands) and try to remove as many of the bees (and oh please hopefully the queen- fingers crossed) as possible.  In the end, there was a deep box with brood-filled comb, several frames of honey, and many thousands of bees taken in two boxes over to their new home at our friends' mini farm.  With a bit of time left for the bees to forage and rear baby bees and such before the weather turns, we're hoping the hive makes it strong and sound.


  1. The secret life of bees...amazing! Great pictures...the combs look so gnarly and delicious!

    1. definitely a secret little world going on behind that wall! gnarly, indeed- and almost seven feet long, running down between two studs in the wall. so far so good- fingers crossed they'll make it through the winter and come out strong in the spring!


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