bird's eye view

at left: apple tree, strawberry bed, apple tree, "L" of raspberries in left corner that end at beehives.  Don't forget the neighbor's big ass RV.  Comfrey between beehives and fence.  If you use your eagle eyes you can spy me between the hives.  Thought I was the one up on the roof?  Ha.  Nope.  That'd be papa.  Elderberries (2) behind beehives.  Blueberries (7 small plants) running perpendicular to garden between blueberries and garden, within little border of bricks.  The garden is currently 7 raised beds, a few small rows, and a few other areas within (and not within) the fenced garden area.  For example, there are three rows of beans next to the driveway, and there are a few butternut squash plants growing in cinder blocks along the fence to the left of the strawberry bed and apple trees.

The coop is back in the shadows with the compost.  The chicken tractor is also back there and the younger hens sleep in it.  The coop is also where we store our bee/chicken/gardening/maple syrup stuff.    Then there's the woodshed and fire pit.  The garage that isn't a garage.  There is a pear and a plum (and now also a peach) tree running alongside the day lilies.  Working on getting some thornless blackberries established in the little area between blueberries and back fence, and then I suppose we should hold onto the few remaining strips of free (i.e.- running and playing) green space that are left.  Or not.  There are always parks, right?  And the side yard.  Oh wait, that's for the overflow strawberries........

And there you have it.


  1. You've got it going on back there! Super lovely! So homey and purposeful. I love all the stuff you have growing along the fence line. Our fence line needs serious help. We've got some nasty trash trees or else nothing that all needs removal and converting into fruit trees, bees, berries, etc.

    1. thanks Nichole! we've been plugging away at it, adding/changing things for the last 4 years. I highly recommend bees!


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