we hit the ground running on Saturday morning

to the market for breakfast, coffee in hand
a chocolate croissant for mama
a savory bagel with cream cheese for them
throw in a strawberry lemonade for her
she mostly people-watched
we sat in the shade and talked for a while

I needed those relatively still moments of connecting
for me, that's what it's all about

we left with some wild sockeye salmon
and roasted & glazed almonds and pecans

off to the folk art center for heritage weekend festivities
bees, sheep-shearing, blacksmithing, clogging.....

she polished off the nuts as we listened to music and watched the dancing
and then it was back into the car with some new music in hand,
to head down the parkway towards Weaverville

we found some books at a library sale,
walked in the street, 
they danced and I browsed 

and then lunch

this place is really something else
roasted red pepper/spinach/feta quiche, sausage strata, kale salad...
dessert followed, of course

mini carrot cupcake for her, mini eclair for him, swedish cream with blackberries for me...

we stopped at a bison farm on the way home and met a very sincere and gracious farmer
we were going to stop earlier but they are appointment only and we'd only just confirmed
where they were on our way to weaverville
(which was rather comical in that it started out with Mike remembering there was a bison farm out that way that he'd been meaning to check out, so he pulled over on a dusty gravel road and started searching on his phone. When he finally found it and zoomed in he discovered we were stopped at the end of the very road the farm was on, and we were parked about 10 yards from a sign that stated, clear as day,"Bison Meat, 1 mile")
the farm's number was on the sign

home to grill the salmon and enjoy some garden goodness
in the form of brussels sprouts and grilled green onions

it was a long day
longer than most for this home-loving trio

Sunday morning arrived bleary eyed
a visit from beeba (that's my mom, according to Claire, for those who don't know)
coffee, toast and sweet play time
Claire telling her 'I don't want you to go because I love you...'
oh, sweetness

daydreaming of
new coops and fire pit benches,
small backyard ponds and cob ovens

I listened to the rain and typed,
stared out the window as she napped
a novelty, these days
just as I thought I'd head in to join her she woke
but full of snuggles and then silly stories
so I couldn't complain
not really

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  1. what a full weekend and a bevy of good eats! mmmmmm...so glad you had such a good weekend, time for living and interacting, a bit of time for daydreaming too ;-)

    1. oh the good eats just kept on coming, that's for sure. I felt quite spoiled on Saturday when each mealtime came along....

      I do love the chunks of time that work out that way- with equal time devoted to play and contemplation (or just plain old laziness ;)


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