breakfast picnics have been the thing for three days straight
the fall-like weather makes them a tad chilly, but you won't find me complaining about
bundling up to greet the sun with tea in hand and my girl by my side

she's telling little stories
talking to all sorts of inanimate objects, answering their questions....
it's darn cute

when I look at her now I see my baby and a little girl at the same time
sometimes one stands out more than the other, sometimes quite a bit more
other times it's a tough call to make

tonight we split a big fat chocolate chip cookie after dinner and
she fell asleep quickly

the deposit has been paid for our beach rental 
4 days in Folly next month
a new place for us, but
as long as there is sand and salty ocean air,
seafood and laughter,
bicycles and seagulls,
and reading time on the porch,
I'm good
so much more than good

I've been putzing around online,
listening to a lullaby iTunes mix made for her long ago
heavy on Van Morrison, of course
since I made it
and now my eyes are getting tired so off to bed I go


  1. We have been crazy busy in this house lately and it will all culminate in a family wedding this weekend.I have had a string of chest congestions and feel exhausted beyond all words. These kinds of days (and weeks) are not mixing well with my nearly 2 and 1/2 year old and he has started getting really demanding for my time and, worse still, starting to take so many tumbles as he speeds along. But, from Monday, these days will be behind us and hopefully we will find our centre again. All of which is the long way of saying: on Tuesday there will be a breakfast picnic happening here and reading on the porch and as much sand and salt as we can stand! I can't wait - hope it's as idyllic as your pictures :)

    1. I hope the coming days bring you loads of peace and relaxation, sure sounds like you could use it! Is home for you near the coast somewhere? We've got about a 5 hour drive to get to the sea, and I'm most definitely counting the days!

      Claire has been getting back into wanting me to carry her all the time again, and has been overcome with what seems like separation anxieties quite a bit lately. It's hard to weather, to be calm and empathic at times like that (at least I know it can be for me!)..... that has been my biggest struggle these days. What we were hoping to be exciting changes and opportunities are being left behind and there are many mixed emotions in the household. Oh, parenthood.

  2. your blog looks so beautiful, a re-do?
    Nothing wrong with a beach rental or Van Morrison in my book!

    1. thank you so much. And yes, most likely. I change the header photo (and sometimes the font colors) every few weeks or so, as the seasons shift and the mood strikes.

      thanks- I will do all I can to thoroughly enjoy the beach! ;) Maybe listen to Caravan or Into the Mystic or some obscure VM while rocking on the porch with a cold beer in hand and a half-eaten fish taco in my mouth. And sandy feet. And slightly sunburned shoulders.

      but that's next month.


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