while we were away

rain rained and sun shone and even largely untended, the garden grew

we gave the garlic and onions a much needed cleaning and trim

the grapes are ready
they make my mouth and throat itch, but Mike and Claire are gobbling them up

we dug the last few potato plants,

and borrowed my dad's turkey fryer to can some whole and crushed tomatoes (some from our garden and many from our friend's farm up in the garden state), so as to keep an already hot kitchen from getting too steamy.  next up is salsa verde.  it seems the tomatillos are ripening in waves, so there will likely be a couple rounds of mole and salsa verde making.  friends, expect salsa this holiday season!

today we started some more kale, collards, arugula, parsley, and tatsoi which will eventually all end up in beds under a cold frame and/or some kind of hoop house so we can continue harvesting greens through the winter.  after I pull out some tired old squash plants I will also direct seed some more spinach, beets, and parsnips.

it's funny how, even with all the joy the garden has brought us over the last several months, I am still looking forward to tidying things up a bit out there and narrowing the operation down to just one or two beds.  kind of like I need the change of scenery, much like when I get the itch to move some furniture around.  it's the ebb and flow of all things, I guess.  I feel like maybe parenting has made me ever more aware of such things.  seasons changing, old things swapped out for new.......

alas, soon we will be lugging in firewood and thawing frozen chicken water, and Claire will be all grown.

but not yet.


  1. You are such an amazing gardener!! And you are so nonchalant about it. I would be cutting cartwheels if I had photos like yours to share!! The photos of the garlic and onion, oh my word. So gorgeous. I need you as my neighbor...

    "alas, soon we will be lugging in firewood and thawing frozen chicken water, and Claire will be all grown." And I simply love that line. Because at once it feels like you are talking about the coming season, but then in another way I read it like your mind fast forwarded through many, many seasons and there you were and there she was all grown up.

    Sorry, I didn't mean to go college english lit here.

    1. thanks, Nichole! there were successes and failures in the garden this year (as there are every year of course), but mostly it was a good year. The onions are teeny tiny, so we'll do them a bit differently next year, but they are still tasty!

      you read the line exactly as I intended it~ I actually did start it thinking just of this year, but in the brief time it took to write those 19 words it morphed into a glimpse of many years down the road.

      and I'd *love* to be your neighbor, by the way ;)


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