sweet and fleeting summer days

These last few days have been pretty fun.  We took Claire to the Sourwood Festival here in Black Mountain for her first experience of sketchy carnival rides.  She was way into it.  She rode the train three times and the spinning thing that's like the teacups at Disney once (papa took her and her buddy on that one- even without spinning I can barely stomach it) and the swing once.  I went on that one with her and felt like I was way too big for the ride but it was still fun.  Afterwards we had ice cream for dinner and now every time we drive past the ice cream shop she points it out and says something about ice cream for breakfast or dinner or something.  Clearly it made an impression.

I think I'll aim for going out for ice cream as a main meal at least one more time before summer is over.

Of course I mean technically over.  After all, school starts tomorrow and so it's back to work for me and then we'll start our two mornings a week gig over at the Montessori school in about two weeks.

There are a few other things on that list as well.  The "to do before summer ends" list.  Swim, camp again, take the canoe out again, hike to some falls nearby that I've never been to.  Check out the local rogue fruit scene to see if it's as promising as last year.

We've been taking long walks and soaking it in.  The other night after dinner I rode down to one of the playgrounds in town on my bike with Claire in her seat behind me.  Such fun.

Tonight there is a hint of the coming change of seasons in the cool night breeze, and it's making me smile.  For even though summer has been and is so very sweet, it's fall that truly has my heart.

And I can keep eating ice cream even after summer ends, so there's that too.


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    1. it really is the best, isn't it?! every year I try to embrace it more and not get caught just watching it fly by~


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