she woke early, too early, on Saturday.
I coaxed her back to sleep and then we slept in together for quite longer than necessary.
always a mixed bag, for me~ I feel refreshed, yes, but also a bit like I wasted my morning.
of course I know sleep is no waste, but you see I am trying so hard to be a morning person.
correction: I am trying (sort of) hard to want to be a morning person, so that I may actually
one day magically become one.
it's an honorable plan.

bleary eyed and unbreakfast-ed, we walked down to the market.
a raspberry croissant for her, a chipotle and goat cheese grits pastry for moi, split a banana and
voila! breakfast.
such a pleasant start to the weekend.
the walk back resulted in an armload of hydrangeas cut from a neighbor's yard a couple blocks away.
I commented on how nice they were and asked if he'd mind if I cut a couple that were hanging over then fence.... he came back with shears and told me to have a go at it.  thank you, kind neighbor.

we poked around the garden.  watered.  tidied.
I asked if she wanted to watch a show with me, something we don't do very often.
we keep screen time to a minimum, with only the occasional show and the agreement (on the adults' part, anyway) that it generally needs to be our idea, not hers.  we'll do some animal documentaries (nothing too brutal, obviously), caillou, curious george, thomas, or a very sweet children's poetry dvd from the library.  there's also madeline, her yoga dvd, and the peanuts holiday set that was actually mine but she loves to see....
there are weeks where she watches nothing, and weeks where she watches a handful of things.
I wanted to watch Being Elmo, but she wasn't convinced.  "where's Elmo?" she kept asking.
so I decided an episode of actual Sesame Street may be in order and found it on netflix.
we ate watermelon for lunch, visited with neighbors, leftovers for dinner, then called it a night.

this morning we had a very sweet visit from my mom.
Claire was thrilled to see her and spent hours showing her all her new tricks and getting good and muddy as they made a "woods and lake" together in the sand 'tub'.
later, we went to the pool, for the first time this summer.
figured it's about time since it's getting ready to close for the season.
the pool near us is always so loud and packed and so not my scene, but we went to a larger pool
with a playground next door and it wasn't so crowded.
new friends joined us, we played and splashed and jumped,
we ate pb&j's and burritos by the pool and then,
because it's still summer,
and because it is totally legal and awesome,
we went out for ice cream for dinner.  again.

vanilla cone for her, goat cheese and bing cherry cone for me,
a pint to go for him (ahem, I'm sure it's for us to share)
yep, that's right.
the pint does indeed say 'chocolate and bacon'
it could almost be indicating the two main food groups..... but, no.
it's a mixed pint~ belgian dark chocolate & brown sugar bacon.

if you're gonna do it, do it.

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  1. Sounds like you had a very full and fun weekend! Interesting choice for an ice cream flavor. Stopping in from habit of being.

    1. definitely full~ somehow we end up cramming a lot in even when we don't intend to. I think that may be the urge to enjoy summer while it's still here. interesting, indeed. the brown sugar bacon was my hubs' choice, the dark chocolate was mine. people are big about throwing bacon into desserts (and anything) around here! thanks for 'visiting'!


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