for real

tomorrow morning she's off to school for real.  well, as 'for real' as it can be when you're talking about a 2 1/2 year old starting two mornings a week, anyway.  she is in bed, and I'm off to clean the kitchen, get things together for the morning and then turn in myself, so that I can keep my intention of walking her to school a reality.

2 1/2 has been interesting.  so full of wonder and growth and so full of challenges and an ever-growing strong and willful personality.  it is both wiping me out and filling me up.

here's to new adventures~


  1. Enjoy that walk to school together - she will feel so grownup! We are getting into the 2 1/2 territory now and it is an amazing mixed bag of ups and downs. Oh yes, willful personality ... we have one of those here, too. Pure sunshine and delight and brilliance ... yep, bucketloads of that. Oh little 2/1/2 year old wonders! Have a great day!

    1. it was a good walk, and an easy transition into the class. I am working in the office of the school in exchange for her tuition (shh, she's not aware of that yet!) and got great reports until 30 minutes before pickup where she had just. had. enough. I collected her a little early and listened to the little reports about songs and friends all day long. back again tomorrow! (and hopefully for the full 3 1/2 hours ;)


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