'tis the season

 The season of berries and squash is upon us here in Western NC, and so we are responding accordingly by making cobblers and quiches.  Specifically, in our kitchen, this (with about half the sugar and whole wheat flour added in in equal parts to the white flour) and this.  Yum and yum.  There was a bit of a debate in our kitchen about what a cobbler is.  In my mind, I always think of what I suppose is more often called a crisp.  I may have looked on somewhat unapprovingly as Mike prepared the above recipe, and may have said something along the lines of "so what will it be, like a blackberry focaccia or something?".  He was not thrilled with my response and seemed to think I was saying "no way am I eating that!"

Well, I had no problem eating that, my friends.  None at all.  It was delicious.  I am now singing the praises of the good 'ol country cobbler.

Greeting us after we got home from a weekend in WV were several little squashes.  It looks like we will continue to be greeted daily by the same for at least a few weeks.  More squash pie, zucchini bread, and some stocking of the freezer awaits.  The raspberries trickle in a handful here and there, but they don't stand a chance at making it into any desserts or jams or anything other than being gobbled up right then and there, still warm from the sun.

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