Tea for two..... Or four

During our recent trip north, Claire and I got to spend some time with one of my very dearest friends and her 2 1/2 year old girl.  (the lovely ladies from yesterday's farm trip post) It's an interesting thing, to hang out with a friend that you became friends with when you were children yourselves, and to watch as each other's children play together.

While Claire and I were at their house one day, both girls actually napped and Liz and I found ourselves enjoying one of those rare and fleeting moments of grown up time that sometimes occur during the early years of predominantly-stay-at-home-mom-hood.

I noticed her hutch full of the pretty china she'd received as a wedding present.  Almost seven years ago.

She told me she still hadn't used it.

I promptly suggested a tea party.  With the good stuff, of course.

We made tea and cookies and, as predicted, two sips and one bite in and we were greeted with a cry.  Claire had woken up in a strange bed and was shouting out for "mamaaaaaaaaa!".  Our tea party continued, only slightly interrupted.

While we sat and finished our tea and snacks and doled out "tea" and snacks to our little ones, I sat there feeling both slightly bummed to have had to let go of that precious 'grown up time' so quickly and happily content to be sharing the moment with our girls.

Ah, mothering~ what a mixed bag you are.

Use the good stuff every day, I say.  There's certainly no good reason not to make it all special, right?


  1. one should always use the good stuff. it's part of what makes life good.


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