a garden state farm trip

Mike's folks live a short drive away from a very sweet living history farm.  His mom used to volunteer there and bring one (or more) of the kids along, Mike and I have gone together many times over the years to listen to fiddle contests, tour the farmhouse, eat freshly-churned ice cream (did you think I was going to say butter?  I'd be down for that too, no doubt) and just walk around, and I've made a point to take Claire there whenever we are up.  I think if we lived up there, I'd be at Howell Farm with (or without) Claire a minimum of several times a week.

My dear friend and I took our girls there a couple weeks ago.  As always, I was smitten.

Mostly with this horse.  Just look at this guy......

....he stood there, so solid and content and soulful.  I felt like I was in the presence of a very wise horse, indeed.

I think I could've stood there with him, breathing in his comforting wise-old-horse smell, for hours.

But, that wasn't exactly a realistic option for anyone, so I kissed him farewell.  Until next time.
(there's my new 'short' hair, for anyone who was wondering...)

Does this little one not look like he (or she) thinks he (or she) just told me something pretty important and is waiting, watching, for my reaction?  And with a perfect little smug-piglet grin on his (or her) face?

There was pretty important-looking dialogue happening between those two, over snacks, as well.

aaaaaaahhhhhhhh...........  I'd live there.  If I had to.

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