March 3 - in our garden

Margaret looking for some delicious grub or something along those lines, Mike working on a second brick raised bed in the background......  this was the scene in our backyard a couple days ago.  Another short-sleeved and digging-in-the-dirt day.  We filled half of the new bed with compost and transplanted some strawberries into it.  He had potted up some runners from our existing strawberry bed in the fall and we left them in the bed covered with a bit of mulch.  They made it through the winter just fine and now have all the room they need to stretch their legs and spread out.  As strawberries so dependably do.

The first little sproutlets in our seed trays have poked their heads through the soil.  Kale and Arugula, I think.  Spinach and Collards won't be too far behind.  Several tomatoes to follow and then peas and potatoes in the ground.  Parsnips and beets, too.  I transplanted my existing potted thyme and garlic chives into the new perennial herb bed and am anxious to start filling it in with others.  Sage.  Lavender. Rosemary.  Probably oregano.  Maybe a few more.

I split several iris and daylily bulbs and moved them to a new spot along with the bulbs that provided decorations for Claire's birthday festivities the last two years.  We'll see how they all do.  I'm not expecting too much from them this year, but in time I bet it will be a nice little show.

Chickens, sunshine, digging in the dirt.

And then last night a big, loud, beautiful thunderstorm moved through our area.  We don't get them often.  I love it when we do.

Beeba (that's Claire-speak for my mama) and Wes came for a visit this morning.  There was a lot of bouncing on the bed and reading and singing.  A little bit of dancing and chicken chasing, and plenty of conversation between her and Claire.  My mom was reading a book, pointed out a shoe, and Claire informed her "no, it's a boot, actually".

Well then.

I'm in for it.

Tonight Claire and I had some lovely friends over for dinner, dessert, and more bouncing on the bed.  We watched our girls play (and sometimes shove each other as they figure out this how-to-be-human thing), we laughed, we ate, we made tentative plans for a mamas and babes sleepover.  Good stuff.

Now, off to finish the final book in the Hunger Games series.  I started the first one less than a week ago.    Clearly, I'm digging them.


  1. I love your outdoor posts. I'm kinda living vicariously through them. Someday (probably not until after at least one is driving) I want to have pretty flowers and an herb garden. Until then, because of my cooking every meal resolution, I'm thinking of doing a potted herb garden on our back deck. I just don't know which herbs. One time we had rosemary (which was HUGE) and lemon thyme. I'll most definitely do the lemon thyme again b/c of how scrumptious it smelled. The garlic chives sound yummy, too. Hmmm.

    Girl. You have me beat at the Hunger Games book! I picked up the second one last night, instead of the psychological thriller I had planned on...Todd was not at home, and I can't read that stuff if he's not downstairs. Silly, I know, but still. Aren't they amazing??? You see why I read the first one in just a day.

    I can't wait to take Graham and Drew to see the movie when it comes out.

    Love you!

    1. That's awesome that you are cooking every meal. And herb gardens are definitely something that can be done in containers, so I bet that will work out great! My most used herbs are probably rosemary and thyme and parsley, followed by basil, sage and dill. Cilantro. Etc.

      I read the whole series over maybe 4 or 5 days. I got so sucked in! Totally different from my usual reads, but I loved them. I can't wait to go see the movie when it comes out- a lot of it was filmed in our town, apparently.

      hugs and kisses from NC!


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