March 19 -green and growing

Buds are bursting, leaves are unfurling, seeds are sprouting, and flowers blooming.  It's almost as if all the plants were waiting, ready to burst and tired of the back-and-forth of this winter, to all come to life over the course of one or two days.

Is that how it happens every year?  Maybe it is.  Yet somehow without fail,  I always feel so surprised by the first couple days of spring.  Just as I am by the first couple days of fall.  The changes are so vivid and mark the landscape so drastically that I find it hard to slowly glide into either of these lovely transitional seasons.  One day I wake up, birds singing, and I'm there.



  1. Jealous. Still snowing here...and for the foreseeable future!

    1. we are certainly having an earlier and warmer spring than usual around here, but I'm finally ready to just embrace it and stop going on about how this winter left a bit to be desired. (no snowmen or snowballs, no sled rides, and certainly no snowshoes)

      sending warm spring thoughts your way!

  2. Beautiful spring photos! I love that carpet of green...

    1. thank you, Cathy~ I peeked over at your blog and enjoyed looking around a bit!

      (that a huge portion of our yard is carpeted in clover and violets makes my heart sing and my toes so happy- I find lawns so very overrated!)

      where in NC are you?


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