March 14 - a visitor

Uncle Kevin called a few days ago to see what our week was looking like.  He's taking a wilderness first responder recertification class in our neck of the woods and was wondering if we might be up for a visit.

Um, yes please.
(Claire adores her uncle Kevin and hadn't seen him in many many months.  We think he's alright, too.)

So this afternoon, right as she was refusing a nap and I decided to just go with it (because, really, what else can I do?) he pulled into the driveway.

I went to work.  Claire stayed with the boys.  I hear there was a trip to the creek that involved some rock throwing.  She insisted her uncle read many, many books to her including a new favorite (of hers) that we picked up at the library the other day- the classic Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel.  Her other favorites these days are Blueberries for Sal (which I will eventually just purchase instead of repeatedly checking out from the library), Madeleine's Rescue (I find all of the Madeleine books so very obscure and odd but she loves them and so I guess I do too.  Some of them.  A couple, anyway) and one about a wise bear named Norris who shares plorringes (a made up fruit, as far as I know) with his friends, and one about a squirrel named Nutmeg and a mouse named Barley who become friends despite the odds being stacked against them.  I came home to Mike and Kevin standing in the side yard shirtless, cutting each other's hair, while Claire was playing in the sandbox.

Then it was Mexican food for dinner.  There's a place in town that has a big back porch next to a creek, so that worked nicely with the warm afternoon.  Beer, chips, bean dip, fish tacos...... mmmmmmmm.

Home for bed.  First, bouncing on her bed and then several books, but then, finally, bed.

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