welcome summer

Last night we enjoyed green beans and broccoli (an admittedly meager but very welcome harvest) from the garden in our stir fry and then welcomed summer with a bonfire.  Claire chased lightening bugs around for the first time and I sat there watching her, soaking in the lovely evening, and feeling excited about all that this season holds for us.  Hiking, swimming, exploring, ice cream (not that you can't enjoy ice cream all year round, of course), berries and melons and fresh fresh fresh produce.... music by the lake and lots of market fun.  Ahhhhhh, summer.  I'm so happy that you are here.

So here's to summer~  no doubt this will be a season full of popsicles and bandaids, and, with luck, many more beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers. (the ones pictured below were gifted to me "over the garden gate" by my neighbor.  yep, love my neighbors.)

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