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Claire came to me recently with a 'confession' of sorts.  "Mama, I maybe wrote on my wall.  You know the part by the closet?  I wrote on it.  But it was so so tiny and it was with pencil, and......"

I assured her I had no problem with it.  And I think she even knew it was Van Morrison, so..... that's kind of a win in and of itself, I'd say.

We head south tomorrow~ first to the beach to set up camp with some friends, then two days down to Florida to visit my grandmother in her new assisted living facility (I've not seen her since Claire and I took a trip down together before she moved into assisted living about a year and a half ago- if I'm completely honest with myself, the reason I've yet to go is that I've been selfishly steeling my heart for the visit and the very likely possibility that she won't know me anymore..... deep breath.), arm then back to camp at the beach for a couple more days before returning home.  I'm excited and anxious about the visit with my grandma, my Mamau, but I know that salty ocean air will help carry me through.


  1. her writing on the wall is so sweet. that girl is amazing. i hope your having a wonderful trip. i am so sorry about your mamau. i am going through the same thing with my grandfather. the last time i saw my dear grandpa, he could remember that i lived at the coast but not that i was his granddaughter. i think the hardest part isn't that he can't remember me... it's that he can't tell his beautiful stories anymore. he tries, but stops constantly because he can't remember the words. sigh. i hope you have a good experience with your grandma. regardless, i imagine she will be very happy to have you visit, whether she remembers your kin or not. sending you a big hug and lots of love from across the country!

    1. she is something else, for sure. sometimes it amazes me that she is barely 8 and not several decades older. our visit with my grandmother was good. it was good and bad and heartbreaking and wonderful all at once, as it sounds like you understand very well. sigh. a whole post in itself, that. thanks for the love, Jenny!


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