Claire and I got ukuleles (she a soprano, me a tenor, both made by Kala) the other day at the music shop in town.  Mike grabs mine often and learning some chords and simple tunes is quickly becoming a family affair.  I'm really loving the ukulele tablature websites, and have learned how to play "Can't Help Falling in Love With You", which happens to be the song I walked down the aisle (well, grassy path) to on our wedding day.  fun, fun, fun.


  1. Oh what fun! I remember getting a ukulele for my birthday when I was about Claire's age. I was never a great musician but I sure had fun playing it. Hope you all enjoy your musical time together!

  2. How wonderful, a great skill and fun to play together. My girls all played violin and piano as children.

    1. we keep talking about getting a piano, and I've got my grandpa's old violin and keep planning to take fiddle lessons........ I'd love to work to become more musical!


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