spring things and morning snuggles

"I love you mama and papa~ Claire"

kimchi and eggs

seeds, seeds, seeds!

just because mama hasn't been eating wheat doesn't mean they should go without a good crusty loaf!

over-wintered sweet turnips

a girl and her cat, a cat and his girl

sometimes it's a cold cereal morning..... she LOVES those mornings

getting ready to burst!

a small fraction of the wisteria blooms

smells like spring

plum blossoms

I haven't felt like writing lately.  I've been reading a lot, working, getting in the garden....... tending to the day-to-day tasks.  right now I'm pretty sure the main reason I sat down to put together this post is because I am trying to procrastinate a bit more when it comes to finishing packing for a big road trip we start tomorrow.  I spent today cleaning the rental house, packing, cleaning the car, getting the garden/plant starts/indoor plants/chickens/cat somewhere prepared for our departure, visiting with friends and with my dad, getting some groceries for the trip, and avoiding most of the small annoying bits that come with trip planning.

And then there's the state of the yard at the moment....  it is really spring out there these days and even though I am so looking forward to our trip there is a part of me that is already excited to get back and see all of the tulips and wisteria in all of their glory.  plus I'll really miss Ollie.  I know Claire will, too.  she has already drawn three or four pictures of him to bring along, and thanks to a sweet suggestion by a friend, will also be leaving a picture of her for him to look at if he gets sad and lonely for his best good girl.

We leave tomorrow morning and head to the Memphis area.  My mom will join us for this first leg of the trip and the destination is my grandfather's house.  His 85th birthday is happening this week, so there is certainly cause for celebration.  Sunday morning we three will get back on the road to drive from Memphis down to Austin, where we are super excited to visit and stay with Nichole and her sweet family.  I'm looking very forward to drinking tea and staring at flowers with a kindred spirit, and to listening to our girls laugh together.  There are loose plans for milkshakes, a living history farm, an overnight camping trip, and some exploring.  We'll see where the week takes us!



  1. Wishing your dear Grandfather a wonderful 85th Birthday and many more. Have a wonderful trip away sounds amazing. Take care.

  2. Replies
    1. We had such fun exploring a new area, visiting family, and catching up with far away friends~

  3. oh my goodness... those kitty and girl pics... love!! what a sweet sweet bond. love the idea of taking photos and leaving one too.

    1. those two are seriously sweet together~ and I'm pretty smitten with him, too!


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