random bits

:: reflections in the wood stove
:: going through old things, this set of boxes I've hauled around since college.  lots of photos and random bits, my first car keys, an unused dissection set from biology class.... and everything smells like incense and memories
:: sweet Oliver (Ollie), who meows in 3 or 4 syllables, almost always.  me-yow-ow-ow.
:: looking up at the sourwoods in the driveway (they've been my favorites this year, along with the brilliantly golden hickories)
:: our dining room, from the couch.  the glass server sadly empty of cider doughnuts.
:: stopped in town, waiting for the train
:: favorite photo prints, a new poster, seaweed from Maine, odds and ends, an old favorite poster


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    1. I LOVE it. we went to a show by the Rural Academy Theater (very interesting folks!) and they had a ton of great prints and posters they made for sale. I got a great 2016 moon calendar and a veggies block print as well :)

  2. beautiful bits... love it all.


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