hello tulip

there is a certain satisfaction I get, a certain settled and just-right feeling, when the kitchen counters are clear and clean.  it doesn't happen often, and I take a minute to soak it in when it does.  probably that means I should make an effort to have it that way more often.  that feeling is a good one, after all.  but life is happening all around and about these kitchen counters and, well, that is a good feeling too.

the red tulip draws my attention in close enough that at times I can focus on that alone, that bright and beaming call to joy and spring and hope.  and for a minute, a second, it becomes my clean clear counter and reminds me to take what I can get and appreciate it.  to relish in the small bits.  that life is messy and  that that is okay.  perhaps even great.


  1. Me too. I cannot stand it when my counter has dirty dishes or things that need to be put away. I cannot start to cook until my counter is cleared.

  2. it really does draw the attention with that amazing glow. wow. i want a tulip in my kitchen now :)

  3. beautiful shot and I do love a clean kitchen and all the dishes put away!!


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