friday afternoon,
ballet clothes and mama's rubber boots
pizza and leftover apple pie

saturday morning ballet class, market
complete with the obligatory apricot croissant and friendly conversation
peaches, goat cheese, chocolate, sunflower sprouts-
they found their way into our bag as well

time with a dear friend
we see each other and laugh about how we want to just run into each other's arms but
maybe that'd be kinda silly so we hold back, just a little
the girls don't though,
not usually
there was tea and cookies
pumpkin-quinoa cookies, smothered in chocolate
yes please

a birthday party and a walk
around the community garden afterwards
I accidentally popped her balloon
but zinnias so kindly gifted
from a gardener who heard her tears
helped a bit
people are good, it seems
very good

today was pancakes and bacon,
some reading on the back deck

and then we cleaned a bit next door after
the last round of visitors checked out
that was the 5th or 6th group of people so far and
I am quite enjoying this new venture
even if I'm amazed (unpleasantly surprised?) sometimes by what people will do
(use things that are clearly not cutting boards as cutting boards, smear makeup all over white pillow cases, park their cars up on the yard where baby grass is trying to grow, run the AC with the windows open......)
mostly I love cutting fresh flowers for them though
and peeking in the guestbook after they leave and taking a look around
to see what they used and did and what they tossed in the recycling
(it's not creepy, really)
seeing a coffee ring on the bedside table this morning didn't make me mad,
it made me think maybe someone brought someone else coffee in bed and isn't that a
lovely thing to do?

we had some visits with friends,
I'd intended to make two kinds of salsa today
salsa verde was started, not finished
we'll get there

Claire took us out for ice cream at dinnertime
followed by family movie night
with popcorn and kale chips (plus wine for mama)
for dessert (dinner?)

and that's the weekend~
joining Karen


  1. I like your weekend, well, except for the balloon popping and tears, but it sounds like pretty flowers made up for it all. yes, people are basically good!
    Maybe a wee sign for the grass sproutlets? Glad the house is seeing lots of souls.

    1. oh yes I most definitely agree that generally folks are pretty great!
      we made a note in the check-in sheet about keeping tires on the pavement, please and thank you. now I realize a tiny little note by the thermostat reminding people to close the windows is in order. so much to learn!

  2. What a weekend, full of so many good things. Oh goodness, sorry about the renters, I bet you are going to see a lot of strange things as more people frequent your rental. Popcorn and kale chips for dinner...sounds like my kind of dinner.

    Love the ballet clothes and rubber boots :)

    Have a lovely week.

    1. we are learning the ins and outs of renting a house out, that's for sure.

      popcorn and kale chips... some greens and some fiber, totally a balanced dinner, right?

      thank you, Kim. you too!

  3. You sure know how to fill up a weekend with wonderful things to do. Very sweet of the neighbor to stop those tears.

    1. a bouquet of bright zinnias couldn't help but bring big smiles

  4. A fun filled weekend The ballet clothes and rubber boots reallt made me smile.

    1. love her crazy style. she's a big fan of mama's rain boots these days. of course, they go all the way up to her upper thighs!

  5. Sweet, Amanda.
    I don't think I could be a "landlord" type. Though I think you are more of an innkeeper, right? Maybe get black sheets? LOL.
    Going to peek back at the last days now, I haven't visited in a week or so.

    1. yes, I like the sound of that. innkeeper, that's me. (really this whole thing is filling a long-time desire of mine to be just that)

      we aren't really keen on being the landlords next door, so we're hoping short-term rentals will work out nicely so that we don't have to change over to long-term. so far, it's looking like it will work out.

      black sheets sound soooo inviting! ;)

  6. people are strange aren't they? I think overall people tend to take care of their own possessions better than others. Sounds like you love your new venture and are meeting lots of people.

    1. yes, overall it is going well and I definitely have no regrets. I think people are mostly pretty respectful of the space and the things within, but perhaps it's easy to forget about things when on vacation and such. mostly it just seems like absentmindedness, I think.

  7. What a wonderful weekend you had - so much yummy food! I would be doing much more grumbling than you are about the renters. I tend to get very bent out of shape about the lack of respect that a lot of people have. Glad that you can put a positive spin on it.

    1. you know it's weird- in general when people are not considerate it really drives me nuts, but somehow with this I'm able to see it a little differently. certain things are most definitely ticking me off, but overall I've been able to eke out the positive spin fairly well. I can imagine myself accidentally leaving a window open with the AC running, especially in a new-to-me place; or maybe getting mascara on a pillowcase (well, if I wore mascara!) after falling into bed after a wedding reception. I think I'd likely not chop up the top of someone's kitchen cart or park up on their lawn (especially considering the 8" curb that had to be navigated to do so!), but ah well. if nothing else I'm learning what notes to strategically place here and there as reminders to renters. and of course it helps that people are paying us to come mess up our stuff. ;)

  8. oh! that photo with the ballet skirt and boots! i just love it so much! :) i also love the way you talk about the rental... the way you thought about the ring on the bed stand... because the way we react to what happens is truly the important thing... and i do believe you've got it down :) wish i could pop over with my girls for tea and cookies... wouldn't that be fun?? :)

    1. LOVE that picture. and her quirky little sense of style.
      it'd be so much fun to share tea and cookies with you!

      as far as the way I react to things, I would agree I'm handling the snafus of the rental house with grace. but oh how I wish I could extend that to reactions to other things! (I've got lots of work to do)

  9. I love your perspective on your visitors/guests. Especially the coffee ring. What a sweet way to look at the world. Thank you for the little reminder that we have the power to make our lives as beautiful as should be.

    1. it helped that the ring wiped away easily, and that I find coffee stains somewhat appealing to begin with. but yes, that's my brain for you- I like to totally romanticize/idealize/daydream about how something may have played out. I seriously saw it and thought "aww, she was probably all groggy, morning after a wedding and all, and her love brought her coffee in bed..... how sweet"


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