the tomatoes were coming on strong through last week
the melons, while pretty, didn't taste like much

fig split three ways
because sharing with your people is nice

salsa, two ways
Heather's delicious red salsa, and a tomatillo and roasted pepper salsa verde

the tomatoes starting to slow down
no longer did I need the giant wooden bowl while picking

our raspberries are back at it
not such a big problem with the spotted wing drosophila flies this fall.  yet.
or maybe I'm not looking too closely
because, you know, if I don't see them then maybe
I can just enjoy the berries and pretend they aren't there
gross, maybe.  but gosh berries are good

the last hurrah for the tomatoes
a week of cooler, rainy weather (along with late blight no doubt)
has pretty much done them in as of this weekend
a wee little cabbage, the last one
okra, still
tomatillos, still
the peppers are doing very well
beans are about done

elderberry syrup making time
(I was reminded to do so by a persistent scratchy throat since last night- boo)
a double batch, should yield a quart or so of finished syrup

next year I'd like to try my hand at growing ginger
I hear it isn't hard

the pantry is getting pretty
especially when the light hits it just right and the jewel-toned jars
sparkle and shine

it's not like it's gonna get us through the year (except for the syrup and honey, that is)
but it's something
maple syrup, honey, three kinds of jam
pickled beets, tomato jam
salsa verde, red salsa
dilly beans, curried zucchini pickles

there's pesto in the freezer,
two pints of vinegar-cured garlic in the fridge (that's working out very nicely)
more garlic on the counter

we are eating through the onions quickly
have been since July, really
next year we'll plant way more

we've got a stinky half gallon of sauerkraut brewing on the top shelf of the pantry
fingers crossed it comes out well
it's our first time
well, second, but the first was a flop...

all in all, a good year in the garden
not that it's over

there are still the peppers, more fall greens and root crops,
sweet potatoes, herbs, leeks

sometimes I daydream about what we could do with more land
more than our little quarter acre (more than half of which is the house and outbuildings
and driveway and front yard)
but honestly, this feels good for now

we play like we're farmers and yet we live in town (well, a mile away, but that's close enough)
if we keep watering the grass here, so to speak,
it'll stay green

even in the winter


  1. A lovely harvest, doesn't it taste good when you have grown it yourself? Have a great week.

  2. Thanks for sharing your images of so much good food! That first picture is beautiful. It is on my husband's to-do list to check the hives this weekend - maybe we'll get a little. My mom just mentioned that she was going to give us some elderberry syrup. Since I am more out and about with the little babe now, I want to prepare her for the germy season. I always enjoy your posts - good, simple joys.

    1. thank you Katie~
      good luck, I hope you get some honey! we peeked in a couple weeks ago and will possibly get just a bit more, though we like to be conservative and play it safe. we'll see.

      I used this recipe, and love it: http://www.realfoodrn.com/homemade-elderberry-syrup/ (though I double the batch and let mine simmer uncovered to reduce it, ending up with approximately 4 cups before adding honey, and a bit over 5 after adding it in)

  3. Delectable harvest - very musical description too!

  4. Love seeing your fig split three ways, we've done that too.
    Ginger is super easy to grow, no sweat! Take care of yourself
    and your scratchy throat.

    1. that's what has to happen when you get just about 7 or 8 total figs over the season (we have baby trees, and just one that fruited) and three mouths that like them ;)

      so I've heard. I'm excited to give it a go. wonder if I can start it inside in a pot now?

      I kicked the scratchy throat's arse. I must've eaten a dozen cloves of garlic (on spoonfuls of honey) yesterday, along with taking some vitamin C, a lymphatic tonic with echinacea and red root, and some elderberry.

  5. Looks like a nice harvest! We had a cold snap over the weekend (with frost) so my garden spent a few days under a tarp. I hope that was enough to keep things growing for a few more weeks. It's WAY too early for the garden to be done growing!

    1. wow, frost already!? we are another month away from our typical first frost date. I hope you were able to save some stuff!

  6. I've never had a fig. But I'd like too! love the way you described your pantry and the way the light hits it just so. That would be something to see. I hope the scratchy throats go away. The allergies are awful here and I'm wishing for a hard frost to stop it!

    1. I tasted my first fresh fig a couple years ago, yum! before that my only real fig experience had been fig newtons and such.

      I'm enjoying looking at the pantry. it won't take long to go through it once we start in on it, but for now it sure is pretty :)

      a rather large amount of garlic consumption, along with honey and elderberry syrup, seems to have sent the scratchy throat packing, thank goodness.

  7. Well things are looking really great in your garden! The colors of the veggies coming out of your garden are just wonderful!

    1. thank you KC. things are winding down but with the peppers and raspberries there's just a bit of that bright color left!


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