pancakes, blood oranges, hot tea..... breakfast yesterday
then a (cold. it looked a lot warmer out than it was) ride on the bike to visit papa at work

his truck in Asheville was filling in here in Black Mountain so they could go to training
I mean, it wasn't a coincidence they ended up here- he'd offered up their truck
made sense- he knows the area, volunteers here, so is familiar with the station and such
it was a treat to be able to just ride down for a visit

looking out the window it looks the same as it did last weekend
60s and sunny
except it isn't
it's 40s and sunny
and windy

the fire has been going again these last few days but
now that the colder days are numbered,
that dwindling pile in the woodshed doesn't look so worrisome
happy to say we made it another year heating exclusively with wood

we've sold most of our surplus maple syrup, just a few jars left
soon I'll post some photos of our sugaring this year

I finished the book
don't have anything intelligent to say about it just yet, it's still sinking in
but I did like it.  a lot.


  1. ohhhh...I heard the ending on that book was disappointing...
    so I chose not to read it. hmmmm......tell us more.

    1. well. the end- I feel like it could have been better, but the story overall was just such an enjoyable read for me that I'm left with an overall good impression. there were so many tragic and heavy happenings in this book that for it to have all been resolved wonderfully in the end would just be too much, too unbelievable. that said, there were parts in the end that (I'll agree with Alicia Paulson here) seemed like they could have gone better- like there were a couple 'easy-outs' that maybe shouldn't have been?

      I thought it was a beautifully and richly told story. I found myself writing down words and phrases that I thought were so lovely and pleasant, and haunting. I loved the imagery. I thought there were sections that dragged on for a good deal longer than they needed to, but still- very nicely written, in my opinion. I know you were left cold after Gone Girl, as was I. It wasn't like that. Where you're left feeling like you want to scream and you're thinking well shit, I thought surely there'd be *some* resolution, some redemption, for someone? (at least that's how I was left feeling with that book) this was different.

      helpful? at all?

  2. We have dropped 10 degrees since Tuesday and tonight there will be a fire in the woodstove, the first in weeks.
    I liked The Goldfinch too, but I wish the ending had been better.

    1. same here. I am ready, ready, ready for spring!

      the ending- yeah. hmm. not the greatest. and the thing is I don't even know how I'd have preferred it to end, but there were a couple big things that seemed to be resolved a lot faster than I'd expected after such a looooooong way getting around to them.

  3. Amanda, thanks for stopping by my place this morning. Always great to meet new internet neighbors. In fact, we're more than "almost" neighbors... we live in Black Mountain, too!! We moved here a little more than a year ago from Colorado. I love this little town!

    1. oh wow! I bet we've run into each other then, in this little town~
      did you go to the tailgate market much last year? love it- what a great one we have here. and you know... I feel like your name is a little familiar, I wouldn't be surprised if we've got some friends in common.

  4. it is frigid here, it's so cold that Frodo just trembles and refuses to do any kind of necessary business until mid day. He is stubborn. glad you have the home fire burning for a little bit more :) Did you tap for maple syrup?? I cannot remember.....

  5. here on the oregon coast it felt like summer yesterday... but now it is back to rain :) but at least i can actually feel that the days are longer now... it gives me hope.

    1. spring is imminent and I am ready!


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