Blogger Swap (now closed)

Wow~ what a turnout for the swap!  A big thanks to all who helped spread the word.  I'm closing it off now so that we can get started with the fun part.  There are just shy of 70 bloggers participating in this swap (!), including four from Canada who will be swapping amongst themselves.  Over the coming days I'll be working on emailing everyone individually with information about the person whom they'll be sending their goodies to.  If you have yet to email me with your mailing address and blog information please do so as soon as possible.  I will put a link to all of the blog swap posts on the left sidebar of the blog, so you can all access them easily when you want/need to.  I debated doing one of those linky thingamajiggers, but, well..... I just didn't feel like paying for it and I'm not all that tech savvy.  So a link in the sidebar it is.  Please feel free to leave comments linking to your own posts regarding the swap so that we can all follow along with each other.  Also, I occasionally (ahem) make mistakes.  If you look over the list and links below and see anything amiss (or think you're supposed to be on the list but you aren't there- gosh, I hope that didn't happen) please don't hesitate to contact me and let me know.  I want to have your information correct.

And so... (do-do-do-dooooo!) without further ado, here is a link to each participant's blog.  Go and visit each other!  I'll know who gets me (since I'm drawing the names), but for everyone else it's a fun little secret~

Participating Bloggers

Nichole - Live Free
Jenny - Phishybee
Ashley - Small Measure
Mollie - (editor at) Grounded Magazine
Marisa - Food in Jars
Linda - Garden Betty
Stephanie - Wooly Thyme
Donna - Knit 1 Spin 2
Tracey - Clover
Jessie - Tiny House
Jen - iHappy
Heather - Getting Greener
Kasey - Happy Corner
Elizabeth - Tales From the Pond
Kerrie - Wild Mae
Stephinie - Gypsy Forest
Michelle - City House Studio
Sandra - San D
Julie - Homespired
Carly - Carly Carter
Anna - Twelve 22
Marianna - Cardinal Acre
Joy - Cacography
Rosina - Rosy Posy
Veronica - Veronica Roth
Melissa - Hobo Camp Crafts (Hobos & Little Birds)
Michelle - Earthy Crafty Mommy 
Michele - I Just Heart 2
Sarah - Gentle Home
Christina - Living and Loving
 Allison - Knitting Nautilus

And now, just for fun, here's the breakdown of how many bloggers per state:

Alabama 1
Alaska 1
California 4
Colorado 4
Connecticut 2
Georgia 2
Kentucky 1
Kansas 1
Maryland 1
Massachusetts 3
Maine 2
Minnesota 3
Missouri 2
New York 5
North Carolina 4
Oregon 4
Ohio 1
Oklahoma 1
Pennsylvania 5
Rhode Island 2
South Carolina 1
Tennessee 1
Texas 5
Virginia 2
West Virginia 1
Washington 2
Wisconsin 2

Ontario 2
British Columbia  2

and now, I'm turning in and putting the blogger swap clipboard aside for the night~


  1. Wow - 70! This is so awesome. Thanks for organizing the swap.

  2. That is awesome, this is going to be so much fun!

    Thank you for arranging the Canada swap, really appreciate being able to participate.

    1. you are welcome! once I realized there were an even number of you, it made sense (I think) to just do it that way~

  3. How great to have 70 bloggers participating! Thanks for hosting such a fun swap Amanda.

  4. I'm excited about participating! Thanks for doing all the hard work!!

  5. Thanks for organizing. Now to decide what to make....

  6. WOW!! What fun! Thanks for all the hard work you are putting into this.

  7. this is going to be SO MUCH FUN. and yes that is me yelling and squeaking!!

  8. thanks all for the encouraging words~ you are all very welcome, I am excited about it, too!

  9. This is going to be so much fun, HUGE thanks for all your efforts:-)

  10. this has really taken off! i love that you gave us links to each others blogs... and what fun to see all the various "places" involved! this is really quite something you have started here amanda :) thank you for including us all!

    1. jenny- not sure if you know this but you're the one who first put this idea into my head after I posted about my last swap here at the house. something along the lines of "I wonder if we could do something online....... wouldn't that be fun?......." INDEED!

  11. 27 states! And two provinces, too! THANK YOU, Amanda! :)

    1. a decent turnout, I'd say! ;)
      you are all most welcome!

  12. I would love to know who the New York bloggers are. Any chances you could share that? Thanks.


    1. hi Janet~ out of the five NY blogs, only two of them freely share that info on their 'about' pages, so those are the only ones I feel comfortable sharing. they are: happiness come in little bits, and living & loving (they are both near the bottom of the link list). I know that may seem silly, but I don't want to give away personal info that isn't mine~ cheers, Amanda

    2. I understand. Thanks :)


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