rhymes with bear

my kid in a bear hat and a nice big wood pile..... making me smile.

today I rearranged her room and our room, kind of out of the blue.  I suppose it's that time of year to clear some space and shake things up a bit.  also, I think I'm trying to really create the space I feel I need to take proper advantage of the online workshop/retreat I'm participating in, which started yesterday.  in the past I've shied away from doing these things, but this one, Hibernate, just looked so inviting and so........ like something I could use to help keep me motivated in a good direction.  a self-care, slow-it-down, simplify, connect, focus-on-what-really-matters, breathe and surrender kind of direction.


  1. Neat, I'm so glad to hear you're trying Heather's Hibernate. I also love her blog. There's just something about blogs that focus on bringing on that wholesomeness of life that gives me the warm fuzzies. Plesae let us know how you like it and how does it actually work? Is it like watching a TV program, is it live? Do you participate as in an audience type thing?

    1. she sends out a daily email that links to a recipe/prompt/etc. for the day that can be viewed on the workshop's closed website. participants are invited to connect with each other or not. there are also videos for cooking demonstrations/yoga and such. so far, so good. you do things at your own pace, as you can and as you desire. content can be printed out and kept for later, as well.


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