making and doing

there was a cold day spent in a warm kitchen.  bread and yogurt was made.  topped with honey and jam, we couldn't go wrong.  potato soup and bread to end a bracingly cold day.  like just about everywhere else in the US, the past several days were much colder than normal around here.  the minus degrees temperatures and wind chill were a first for me.  adding extra bedding in the coop and regularly swapping out their frozen water for new during our trips out to the woodpile to bring in more, more, more wood, I couldn't help but think quite a bit about those who don't always find themselves sheltered and warm.  I am so grateful for all that I have.  for wood and warmth, food in our bellies, a strong and sound home to raise my daughter in.... and for so much more.

the cold temperatures also had me wondering quite a lot about those little white boxes and their inhabitants.  hoping they're staying close and warm and beating those tiny little wings enough to produce the heat required to see them through the cold weather.  hoping we didn't let them down by not doing anything to help them during the jarringly cold weather.

I'll be nervously watching the hive entrances during the coming warmer days....

I've been embracing the decaf, still enjoying my black tea now and again, and keeping an eye out for a delicious decaf black tea...

I've also been inspired to start knitting again, for now it's a red bamboo/wool blend yarn keeping me occupied.  seed stitch.  a cowl to be.  with no circular needles, I'll just stitch it up when I'm finished.  Claire has already requested a matching one and I am happy to oblige.  though likely in a quicker stitch.  (for the record, I offered to make a third one for papa but he was not very interested) I asked her if that would be a nice birthday present and she said yes.  yes, that and a kitty.  well, dear, Ziggy would not approve and so, a cowl for now.  kitty request to be revisited some time down the road.

and legos!  I'm one of those who typically eschews plastic toys and noisy battery-operated ones, but oh my goodness I'm so glad the legos have landed here at our house.  there's just something about them.

joining Dawn for 'make & listen'


  1. Have you tried stash tea? I love their green decaf. Good luck finding the tea. My son and daughter loved Legos and the hours upon hours they created towns-magical places! Happy new year stay warm :)

    1. I've tried their peach black tea, and loved it. I'll check out their other varieties next time I'm at the store. I think my inner child has a big part with the desire to finally have the legos around ;) Happy New Year to you as well! It is warm and rainy here today, the fire is still going of course, but it isn't having to work quite so hard.

  2. Oh, I am so late getting here to check out all of this goodness.
    I am the same about plastic and noise toys but LOVE lego. My little man has so many but builds all the time!
    I totally get the more... and more... and more... wood in. We used only wood heat in NS, I can only imagine this winter... so cold!
    Thanks for joining in & sharing!

    1. we have used only wood last winter and so far this winter~ we do have an electric heat pump for backup, we've just chosen not to use it. the wood pile is still going strong thanks to all of Mike's splitting- I just need to remember to throw a few logs on the fire if I'm up at night so we don't wake to 53 degrees.


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