making & listening

with the season of giving upon us, and a swap party (the fourth I've hosted since last October- I'm hooked!) coming up in just a few days, there has been a lot of making around here this past week.  add in a papa with a (very) part-time gig at a new butcher/local dairy shop started up by farmer friends of ours and therefore a surplus of past-date milk coming home with him, and there was some ricotta cheese making, as well.

my aloe plant was relieved of many babies in an effort to get together a take-home party favor for the swap- it looks pretty happy now, with lots more room to spread and gather the precious little sunlight streaming through the dining room windows.

there was some simultaneous herbal 'vapor rub' salve and elderberry syrup making, with the grinch keeping watch.  good grinch.  he just needs more love you know.

and then this morning, peppermint & lavender lip balm.  retro lady grater helps out for all my non-food grating needs.  neatly pouring the (quickly hardening) liquid oil and beeswax mixture from the pyrex container into the teeny tiny openings of the lip balm tubes is, apparently, something I need a little practice with.  

and for now, that's a wrap.  more granola coming up soon along with some more work on the felted play mat.

the listening has been, almost exclusively, Pandora holiday stations.  Phil Spector, She & Him, Ella Fitzgerald.  that's how I roll now that the tree is up and it's all cheer and sparkle around here.

*playing along with Dawn today.


  1. this all looks so so good. i have these teeny funnels that i use for small aromatherapy bottles.

    i've been on the look out for an aloe plant too, but so far they are all silly expensive. and ginger has been a room-mate these last weeks, what with the little one all mucous-y.

    1. thanks- it's been fun. I thought about trying to use funnels....... next time, I guess.

      too bad me mailing you a plant (or several) isn't really a realistic option. hope your little one feels all cleared up soon~

  2. sweet! looks like such a happy home full of the makings of the most wonderful treats. happy holidays, friend!! xo, Nichole

    1. oh it's been fun alright- as long as I remember to pace myself and not put pressure on things to be 'just so' ;) happy holidays to you, too!
      xo from NC

  3. I am so behind! There has been much excitement around these parts with a move to California on the horizon.
    I hope your swap was wonderful. All of the things you made look awesome. We divided our aloe last year to give as Solstice gifts at our gathering. Love that. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

    1. here's wishing you a smooth and easy move and transition into your new home. it WAS wonderful! I lovelovelove hosting these. This was the first time I divided it, and the mama plant is sooooooo happy now.

      happiest of holidays to you, too!


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