Saturday was ballet, followed by pancakes at home
blueberry, pecan, some plain

garlic was planted,
and it was an altogether beautiful fall day
that got me thinking about hiking up Lookout, and so

Sunday was breakfast, tea, and then a hike, just us girls
she carried herself all the way up and down on her own two feet
0.6 miles each way, a 1,000 foot elevation gain, lots of big rocks to climb at top....
kind of a big deal, really

in the right light the mountains look almost as if they are on fire...

there's a hollow tree on the side of the trail
she named it the "owl tree", and pretended to be a baby owl inside
I think she looked more like a little forest sprite

another drive out to grandpa's to change the dressing from his shoulder surgery
while he showered and she slept in the car (that hike was tough!)
I looked through his garage and found some things of my mom's, some of mine
he's been asking me (and her, really) for quite some time
to look through it all and clean it out a bit

I (we) need to get on that

came away with some clothes, a baking dish, a plate,
a very hefty rolling pin...

I've been finding pretty feathers and sticking them in old bottles

*weekending with amanda


  1. climbing that trail is a huge thing for a little 3 year old's body! what a workout!

    1. right? man, was she worn out! (but oh so, so proud of herself)

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed your weekend, the photo where she looks up in the sky is stunning :)

  3. Beautiful pics Amanda, I especially like the one of the mountain cradling her <3

    1. I like your way of looking at it, because that's exactly what it looks like, and is, but I hadn't thought of it that way. thanks, Heather~ and gosh, I miss you!


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