'tis I, taken by Claire
thought I'd share a few random things about myself~

:: see those three freckles in a row on my cheek?  I've got a few sets of those
:: see the way my hair is in front of my ears?  I always do that, because I think I have big funny ears
(I think she may have inherited them)
:: that pore on my nose that looks maybe a little bigger than the others is where a nose ring lived for several years, and I've long thought about putting it back in (um, having it put back in, more likely)
:: I like being barefoot, but not in wet, dewy, early morning grass.  that's just gross.
:: I need to make an appointment for a dental visit as well as a yearly well-check, where I will address the strange fluttery, nervous, skippy feeling I've had in my heart lately.  physically, not code for emotional stuff, though there's always that too, right?  thinking maybe it has something to do with caffeine, but still... probably worth a look-see
:: I just shared the above so as to somehow make myself feel accountable.  as in, the next step is to actually make the appointment and go or people will be on me to do it.
:: I signed off of facebook for a month and enjoyed it, but I'm also enjoying being back
:: I am thinking seriously about getting a tattoo.  enjoying looking for ideas here.
:: I only took that one fiddle lesson.  then hurt my thumb while we were extracting honey and put off subsequent lessons.  thumb is better.  need to get on the horn, so to speak.
:: I am not always the person I want to be.  but I try.  I try hard.  particularly in the patience and not-taking-things-personally arenas.  it's hard work, isn't it?
:: I briefly considered skipping voting yesterday (I know- no good) because I hadn't been paying enough attention to our town's mayoral/aldermen candidates.  but I schooled myself and had some chats with a few folks and got it done, Claire in tow to get her little sticker that she loves and remembers from last year.  you know, because it matters.  a lot.  thinking of all that so many women went through to help get us from there to here?  that's enough to kick my arse into gear and get out and vote, for sure.
:: the fact that we actually have a thriving fall garden this year makes me giddy
:: I have dreams of becoming a writer.  like a real writer, not just this babble I do here....
:: though the plants on the outside around here do quite well, I've got less than great luck with houseplants.  I've killed at least three maidenhair ferns.
:: I am using a screen as a babysitter as we speak, with Claire watching some video about a kitty cat while I type away and plan art lessons
:: I really like freshly sharpened pencils, especially the brand new factory-sharpened ones, before anyone else uses them...
:: I would rather pee in the bushes than a porta-potty, generally speaking

that's enough for now~


  1. "I have dreams of becoming a writer. like a real writer, not just this babble I do here"....remember when we were walking around the town after we closed the coffee shop down and you asked me about my dreams and I prattled on about a bunch of superficial junk I wanted to do. That's because the real one is too scary to admit. Psss...It's the same as yours. And even intimidating to admit in a comment.

    1. oh that was a nice little walk~ so like a first date, really. and you know, I don't really think the things you talked about would fall into a 'superficial junk' category, but yeah, the big dreams are far scarier and just plain bigger, for sure.
      xo from nc

  2. Hello! So happy to put a face to a name :)

    I have the very same pore/nose ring thing. I thought about having it put back in but two of my children were very opposed to the idea so I didn't.

    1. :) I went through my camera and found some she'd taken the other day and realized I never really show much beyond my feet or my shadow here, so.......

      ah, something to consider...... wonder what other things I should do now before she expresses more serious opposition to them??

  3. You look lovely. Like around 18 years old as well.
    PS You are a writer already.
    PPS Me too.
    PPPS Also had a nose ring, but for me, never again.

    1. oh thank you~ add 15 years and you're spot on. and thanks again, I suppose in a way, I am.
      cheers from across the pond!

  4. love love love love
    you are so nice to look at.
    i also have those freckles that come in the same mirroring assortment of lines all the way up that one arm. (and on that note, I have an appointment to get a tattoo later this month - one that I've been thinking about getting for YEARS - on that very arm. Can't wait to click on that link and see what you've found...)
    agreeing with Rach, you are a writer already- but it's a much, much different thing to do it "seriously" or for money..etc.... I support you!!! I love your writing.

    LOVE this post!

    1. meant all the way up MY one arm. the freckles. duh.

    2. well thank you very much, sweet lady!
      looking forward to seeing pics of your tattoo in the coming several weeks then, yes?
      and ah, thanks again~

      hey, I knew you weren't talking about MY arm ;)

  5. Just perusing some old posts and HAD to comment because there is nothing I loathe more than my feet in wet dewy morning grass. Oh I despise it, which is so unfortunate because there is nothing I love more than an early morning expedition.

    1. it truly is gross. ;) and I'm a big lover of grass and rain and all things nature in general.


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