agriculture and matrimony

the garden is all but fully shifted over to it's fall glory.... there are a couple okra and basil plants, and a zucchini that keeps growing, but mostly it's looking like autumn in those beds.  pulling carrots and watching others sprout alongside baby beets, greens of all kinds are up and reaching for the sun's warm rays, the peas are flowering and looking promising, and we've got winter rye going into the beds that are not being used.  soon we'll plant garlic and get the plastic sheets out to cover the plants when necessary.  which, according to the 10 day forecast on weather.com, shouldn't be over the next 5 days while we're out of town for a wedding.

Mike's sister, dear aunt 'Jenni baby', according to Claire, is getting hitched this Saturday and the little miss will be a flower girl along with her cousin, Kate.  we'll start the drive tomorrow after work and I'm looking forward to the visit.  as an added bonus, it got me out of jury duty.  it's been a while since I've been up there, after not joining papa and Claire for the summer trip.... it should be a good, if a bit whirlwind, trip.


  1. oh you are so much farther along than me in your gardening. sigh. i so want to be that far along.
    congrats to your sis (in law) and also, I LOVE that banner photo you have up with the ...what is it....apple peels?

    1. you've got some more time to get there though, right? our first frost date is just days away, and we're getting into the 40s at night, so it's crunch time for us. yes, apple peels!

  2. great to find you through pomegranate and seeds


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