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the geraniums, long neglected and covered by a mess of oregano in the herb bed (and rediscovered when I pruned back and mulched the bed now that the chickens aren't about to muck up the mulch job), have flowered again~  I think I'd like to have geraniums flowering in my house all winter.  is that possible?

the days I manage to stay on top of doing the dishes, and keep the kitchen counters more clear than not are generally pretty sweet days.  I think my mood can often be gauged by first checking in on the status of my kitchen counters.

the tea drawer.  it's seeing more heavy use these days, along with the (occasional) use of sweaters and scarves..... which reminds me I need to order Claire some new slippers.  I suppose I'll stick with the nice ll bean pair that I got for Mike for Christmas a couple years ago that went unused.  because he "doesn't like slippers" because they "make his feet too warm".  well...... duh.  so, I stole them and though they are a bit too big, it's not worth buying new ones over.

there are animals everywhere.  lining the rim of the bath tub, in baskets in her room, on blankets being doctored by dolls, occasionally in one of my shoes...

and that's a peek into our messy mud room.  where there are lots of shoes and disorder.

coming soon- photos and details as we continue to reclaim the backyard from the chickens and pretty it up a bit and pile on the mulch.  and hopefully some crafty tales of a successful start into needle (and wet) felting.


  1. my husband doesn't like slippers either, but he does love homemade wool socks and also loves to wear holes in them :) which keeps me plenty busy with knitting them.

    1. homemade wool socks sound lovely~ I've never made it past a simple hat, scarf and leg warmers- and have to re-learn to knit every couple years, but maybe one day....


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