this weekend was:

a friday afternoon visit with friends
Claire on a horse for the first time
holding on all by herself
my brave little horsewoman

the other night she told me, after kissing her, to 'lick the kiss'
I asked why, a bit puzzled
she kindly explained that
"if you lick the kiss you get love, because the love goes in your body and 
blasts out for you.  it is magic"
I'd say that's about right, really.

finding out that a couple of my photos were chosen for the third issue of Kindred and then
being surprised this morning with the news that one of them is actually gracing the cover (!)
honored.  excited.  wheels turning.

mornings starting with strawberry jam on toast
lots of shifting and rearranging of furniture
now her room looks even more grown up

a visit from my mama this morning
she arrived with new handmade creations
a charming fairy duo

watching the two of them
snuggled up together reading Miss Rumphius
feet crossed the same way

leftover cold pizza picnic for two on the kitchen floor this afternoon

potting some little plants gleaned from our drainage swale
ferns, succulents, a shamrock

three more days of work and then
sweet, sweet summertime

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  1. ohhhh. your photos make me drool and I'm not surprised Amanda chose them. Really, you get better all the time.

  2. what a sweet, sweet post. everything about this post is lovely and sweet. congratulations re: kindred! yay!

    hope your week is just as wonderful :)

    1. thank you Renee! I hope yours is great as well~

  3. love the fairies and congrats on the photo cover! cold pizza in the morning sounds delicious.

    1. I've always been a fan of cold pizza. and thank you!

  4. Ohh what lovely, lovely photos! What a lovely weekend as well. I love those little fairies so sweet. And cold pizza on the floor is always a treat.

    I agree with Cordelia, your photos are drool worthy! So glad you were chosen for the cover of Kindred! xo

    1. she (my mom) is always making something cute and wonderful for Claire. I love these little fairies, too! always seems to me like the sauce just tastes sweeter when the pizza is cold....

      thank you- I was very pleasantly surprised by the news!

  5. lovely weekend! her room really does look like a big girl room. can i be nosy and ask what you have growing in the little pot? we lean toward succulents around here due to my negligent plant keeping ways - i'm always open to something new that is fairly easy to keep alive :)

    1. partly it's the giant (for a toddler anyway) bed I'm sure, but the putting away of many toys aside from some books, her little cabin dollhouse, some dolls and a barn+animals definitely made it seem more spartan in a she's-growing-up kind of way. oh of course you can- I always figure if someone posts something on their blog then it is fair game. but hmmmmm... which little pot? top photo, left to right: some kind of sedum (lineare?) and then two that look like miniature jades (but I'm afraid I don't know what they actually are), a shamrock (oxalis) and a small fern in front. in the photo in Claire's room, the ones in the little chamberpot are three ferns- bird's nest, maidenhair and some other kind. I'm feeling this probably wasn't terribly helpful, but can say that that first one- the sedum with yellow flowers, is VERY hardy! good luck!

  6. congrats on that fancy cover photo! amazing! those bees are gorgeous! the little ones room looks dreamy. love that soft light.

    1. thanks, Nichole! I was (am) super excited about it~ I love the light in her room, too. It's a peaceful corner of the house.


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