the return of the sun

sheets hanging on the line again.

the little ones coming out regularly for basic chicken instincts 101.  and general cuteness.

my mama, here for a mother's day visit, playing in the garden with Claire and the babies following pancakes and coffee.  such a devoted chicken grandma she is, digging up goodies for them...

plenty of flowers blooming, massive amounts of pollen being brought in by heavy-legged ladies, drones hatching out..... and so he split the hive, and there are again two.  now we cross our fingers, and watch and wait, hoping they work out who goes where in a somewhat evenly-numbered fashion, and that they are able to successfully rear a queen in the new hive.

one lesson in basic chicken instincts 101:  dust baths.

just in case they weren't already feeling welcomed and so strongly desired here in our little yard.....

welcome back, sunshine.  here's hoping you and the clouds find a happy balance in the season to come.


  1. such lovely images, amanda! it's a hive of wonderful activity over there at yours :) and isn't it wonderful being able to hang laundry out to dry. i am not sure what it is about it, but i LOVE it!

    enjoy the sunshine!

    ps - do you have an instagram account? would love to follow you - your images are just lovely :)

    1. aw thanks, renee~ it had seemed like forever since I had laundry on the line and sheets, especially, I love to dry out there! I always sleep so well that first night of sheets that smell like sunshine.

      no, I don't do instagram~ but thank you very much!

  2. aw...that first picture of your woodshed, the clothes on the line, and the makeshift swing...is perfection.

    lovely, lovely all the way around.

    much love,


    1. funny you should say that because I sat on our back stoop staring at that very sight for quite awhile that day..... maybe one day you can come sit there with me and we can drink tea and watch the clothes drying.

      thank you, dear~

  3. i really think we are living the same life, only apart.
    I was just watching my mama chicken teach "dustbaths 101", as well. ISn't it funny how chatty the mamas are with the babes?

    beautiful pictures! As always.

    1. ha! yes, I think that sometimes too. although you and yours are surrounded by considerably more beautiful handmade quilts and such ;) oh I wish our little ones had a real live chicken mama here with them, but alas, Claire and I are trying to fill that role. we got them at a few days old, no broody hen to fake out. I'd love to be at your place watching that playing out..... we are letting them hang outside with the big girls during the day, and they are all doing alright, with plenty of space to roam and me intervening when necessary. another couple weeks and we'll keep them out all the time in the old chicken tractor, before transitioning them full time with the big girls.

      thank you so much~
      again, it means a lot coming from a lady who happens to be partnered up with a professional photographer!

  4. Oh these pictures make me long to trade places with you. Perhaps I can be one of the fairies dancing through your garden? sigh. Lovely post. xo

    1. you are cordially invited to dance through our garden at any time.
      thank you~


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