we're in a week of rain around here, as is the case in much of the appalachians and southeast.  we are saturated.  there has been flooding and landslides, mudslides.  some tragic.  the plants are answering with bursts of bright green new growth.  or they are looking a little tired and pummeled, as is the case with our cucumbers, but I think they'll come around.

transplanted peonies spring up.  five plants where I thought there were only two.  maybe they'll actually flower this year.  maybe not.

her fairy house, the rotten stump from an old apple tree, is being tended to daily.

the garden is coming along.  here, a glimpse at three of the seven beds, along with some peas tucked in here and there.  I snuck two rows of pinto beans in between the garlic and strawberry beds.  the beehive is in the background.  they come out in full force whenever we have a sunny, dry pocket of time.  happy to stretch their wings after a few days hunkered inside with steady rain.  some coming out for the first time, making their initial orientation flights while getting acquainted with the place that will be home for the duration of their brief lives.

the chickens were not happy about the recent addition of a gate going up to the deck.  they have responded by leaving large amounts of excrement on the steps for us.  how sweet.  I swear they didn't spend that much time up there before.  they just don't like the exclusion.  I get that, but see I don't poop in their coop when I go for a visit.

turns out the large swath of daylilies growing on either side of the almost century-old (we think) drainage ditch in our backyard makes an excellent hiding place.  it is often a nest, sometimes a forest, and sometimes a ship.

snakes like it in there in the summer.  I'll have to remind her of that soon, I guess.


  1. what lovely images! we've had rain over here too.

    oh no! sorry to hear about the chickens - let's hope they get used to the exclusion transition soon. i totally get the decision behind the gate - i'd feel the same as you about it.

    love claire's fairy house and her daylilies...not too sure about the snakes!

    catch you soon :)

    1. ah it's not so bad, really- I've gotten used to dealing with chicken poo. I just find it funny that they now insist on all standing together right by the gate and squawking to be let in, and thereby pooping all over those steps. but we needed at least one area in the yard that was consistently poo free, you know?

      I'm thinking I'll start leaving some surprises by the fairy house. a garden shop in here in town sells miniature (fairy sized) garden stuff- watering cans, bicycles, benches... just for fairy houses/gardens. fortunately the snakes that take up residence around here are common garter or black snakes and are quite harmless. but still, I'd rather here not be in there when they are, so we'll have to have a little chat.


  2. gorgeous photos! now how dare those chickens disrespect the one that feeds them???

    1. thanks, karen~
      yeah, right? though I suppose we kind of feed each other....

  3. well, I get the chicken shit on the porch thing. counting down the days until we re-do the coop and run so they CAN'T get out.
    Your garden beds are gorgeous.

    1. I keep looking back by their coop and seeing how easy it'd be to keep then fenced off in the back corner....... may just have to do it. or at least for most of the day, and then let them out for a bit. preferably supervised.

      thanks! I found today that the rain actually totally crushed my cucumbers and okra, so I'll be starting over with those, but otherwise it's looking good. need to find homes for our 24 tomatoes that I started..... yikes.


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