the back shed

I suppose I'll start referring to it as the coop.  though the majority of the back shed isn't actually the coop.  most of it is (fairly neat, fairly organized) storage for all sorts of things.  but 'the coop' sounds better than 'the place where we keep the potting stuff/bee supplies/maple sugaring supplies/chicken feed, etc'.  in the back is a small 'room' that used to be a simple bathroom when the shed was used as a sort of cottage/cabin at one point in it's history.  after adding nest boxes, a roost, and a little door and ramp, that space is now the chicken coop.  I plan to line the bottom with sand, to make the cleaning up of the chicken poo a bit easier and less gross in general.  like a litter box, I'm thinking.  the girls like their new space, and now we can use their old chicken tractor to transition the chicks (once we get them) once they are old enough for all that.  I'm waiting for a local nursery/feed store (the place where I got all the bamboo for the bee yard-fencing-in-progress, actually) to order more chicks.  I'm on the list.  But I was on their list a while back, too, and that didn't seem to accomplish much.  we'll see.  hoping to add to our motley crew two ameraucanas and two black australorps.

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