garden happenings

adorable old rain boots: repurposed for planting zinnias

woodshed: refilled

Margaret's eggs: still enormous and unable to fit in a carton

apple trees: blossoming for the first time (this is one of two heirloom Western NC apple trees we planted a couple years ago (one variety is Priscilla, the other Junaluska), frosts got them the last two years, even with protection.  fingers crossed this is their year!)

a rather busy morning of errands that included some great finds at a kid's consignment shop, lunch out with papa at Homegrown (yum! if ever you are here, go there!), paint picked out for her picnic table ("radish"), and some romaine to throw in because I'm getting antsy and want something green from the garden NOW.  aside from the half-grown arugula that Claire and I pick at when we're out there.  went looking for kale and left with this.  still looking for a few kale starts. (mine are several weeks away from providing dinner around here).

cute little flowers flowering along the side of the house....  yellow deadnettle, I believe.

Rose: strutting her stuff, perhaps a bit annoyed about being kicked out of the woodshed what with the refill and all.  that back building is the coop (coop/potting shed/bee/syrup/chicken stuff), in front is the garage that is not really a garage.  a workshop, really.

the beginning of a stone wall Mike is making on one side of the yard.  there will be steps going down on the left, so that we will have a more proper route than a muddy hill to get to the side yard.  he can do anything.  I know, I know... we all can "do anything we set our minds to.." but really, he can actually do it.  anything.  I am lazy and unmotivated in comparison.  or, maybe all of my motivation just goes to gardening and (sometimes) parenting, and (sometimes) doing art with kids that are not my kid.  oh, and starting things and then leaving them in unfinished piles here and there around the house.  there's quite a bit of that, as well.

strawberries: in our future

and babies, with recent first tastes of sunshiney foraging and such~  they are now officially named, too. meet violet, tilly (both Claire's choices), clover (my choice) and buttercup (papa's pick).


  1. what a lovely and heartwarming post - there's so much beauty and goodness here!

    wowee on margaret's eggs! i love the name of your chickies. and nothing like a refilled woodshed. ours needs refilling - it's been a long and cold winter...and i think it's still trying to hang on...

    hope you're enjoying your weekend :)

    1. thanks, renee~
      she has always laid such enormous eggs! they literally will not fit in any of the egg cartons we have, now we use one of those ceramic egg holders, and that works well.

      the timing on the wood was quite fortunate. we heated exclusively with wood this year, and are down to about a dozen seasoned logs left. we've had just one fire in the last two weeks. I think spring is around here to stay, (for the most part).

      you, too!


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