spent a little time cleaning,
sorting through her toys, and
rearranging (and re-rearranging) the newly acquired furniture
and such

saw papa off (fully dressed in kilt and paraphernalia) several times as he
headed out for various pipes and drums band 'gigs'

got lots of seeds started,
the new berries planted,
elderberry and eucalyptus transplanted,
attempted to figure out where the new fruit trees will go,
checked in on the bees (looking good in there!)
and told the hens to get on the laying as I
cleaned out the rest of the back shed (part of which is now their new coop)
so that I can actually use it to organize all of the
garden, bee, chicken, and syrup odds and ends

we said goodbye to some neighbors and
hello again to others who had gone away for a week
(to lessen the pain of saying goodbye for one little one in particular, I'm told)
said returning neighbor played 'get the bad guys' with Claire in the yard for hours...
apparently they were fairies after the 'bad guys'
they had big sticks and so, wisely,
I stayed out of their way
minding my own business on the deck and planting seeds
while enjoy snacks and a good local brew

now said dear neighbor girl, Claire, and I are about to sit down for dinner
after I pull them away from administering emergency medical care to Claire's
giant stuffed dragon Hobart, that is

and so,

*weekending with amanda


  1. What a sweet and happy little post/weekend :) Sounds so full and productive and fun! Mine was productive...until we hit midnight to 3am last night - tantrums (loud!) and teething pains. Lovely. I am hoping normal/sleeping through sleep patterns will resume very soon...

    Enjoy the week ahead :)

    1. I very vividly recall those kind of nights........ they hung on around here for a loooong time, too. there is some solace to be found in knowing it really (really, truly, I swear) won't last forever, but even knowing that it is so so SO SO hard to get through some of those nights with your sanity and any shred of patience and compassion for the screaming little one. hang in there! I too hope your sleep resumes some normalcy very very soon!

      thanks~ you too!

  2. i rather like that a doll is driving the firetruck :)

    1. oh yeah- all sorts of beings drive the firetruck around here!


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