snow day

well, we finally got some snow this winter.  not much.  barely enough, actually, to run Claire around the yard on her sled (that until today she hasn't had the chance to use since getting it up at nana and pipop's at christmas) for ten minutes or so.  and then we checked on the chickens and made a run to the wood shed and came in to make some oatmeal and hot cocoa.  in the santa mugs, of course.  always.

she made some calls on her (old) new phone.  a mustard yellow rotary phone I found at a hospice sale yesterday for $1.50.  it almost makes me want to get a land line.  just so I can use it.  I love old rotary phones.  the sounds they make.  the way you have to actually slow down and pay attention to what you are doing in order to successfully use them..... good stuff.  therapeutic, these days.

the reserves in the woodshed are dwindling.  we started the year with 6 large stacks (each a full pallet, piled 5-6 feet high) and we seem to have gone through (roughly) one per month.  what remains of the well seasoned wood is the pile in the photo, plus another similarly sized pile behind that one.  just enough, I'm thinking.

and now, in early afternoon, the snow is already all but gone.  there is the possibility of a bit more tonight.  I had hoped for a winter like those we had 2 and 3 years ago.  a real winter.  a sled and snowman and snow boots and maybe even snowshoes winter. with more than the very occasional flurry.  but that's alright.  at least we have this day and spring to look forward to right around the corner.  now if only that fedco package would arrive........


  1. Sounds like a sweet and lovely day :) And that phone looks awesome - we have a red one.

    1. LOVE the phone! and yes, the surprise 'snow' day at home was a treat~

  2. I laughed at you wanting to get a landline just so that you can use that sweet phone :-)

    I had a similar one at our old home - and sold it because we don't have a landline here. But I do miss it.

    1. I don't think it'll actually come to that, but I am more than happy to have it around. 'for her' ;)

      I'm enjoying your photos of your new place, and looking forward to seeing things as they unfold~ what an adventure!


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