just us girls

earlier this evening, after plenty of bedtime snuggles and stories, papa packed up and left for a week, headed to some fire training conferences in virginia and kentucky.

it is supposed to be cold and possibly snowy this weekend, so I took the opportunity tonight to gather lots of kindling and fully stock both of our indoor wood racks before he left.  I've learned that if I wake up in the morning and it is freezing and we've got no dry or readily available kindling with which to start a fire I will often just sit in the cold and grumble about it for way too long.  and so we begin our just girls week with an empty sink (few things bring me as much peace of mind, at least in terms of things around the house), a stockpile of dry kindling and firewood at the ready, a stack of library books, and plenty of groceries.  there is also plenty of paint, paper, tea, and popcorn.  oh, and the discovery of a great and new (to us) pandora station- alabama shakes.  so really, we've got this.


  1. sounds good to me!
    (thought now you have me wanting to clean my sink, too!)
    Stay warm and snuggly.

  2. warm and snuggly we are! and the sink has stayed relatively empty... though I'm heading off to tend to it right now to keep it so~
    cheers from nc!


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