my mama came for a saturday morning pre-birthday brunch
cucumber sandwiches and vegetable soup were her requests
and I made flan, because it's her favorite (but next time I'm leaving the lemon out of the caramel)

it was her birthday and she shows up with valentine's day gifts for all of us
this is how she is
I strive to be as generous

little miss has been giving the stink eye quite freely all weekend
(she must have heard all these people telling me three is tricky, doesn't want to disappoint)

she had a birthday party to attend
we found the chickens' new hiding spot for their eggs and
today Mike started on the "new" coop
(we are retrofitting our back shed, so to speak- exciting stuff.  photos to come)

we called it quits on sugaring season
the trees are still drip-dripping just a bit, but it isn't really much at all and it's getting darker
we are pleased with how it went
more than pleased
nearly three gallons (!)

papa found a craigslist ad for free firewood
he's been hard at work adding to next year's pile

and now I'm off to pick up takeout
(happy Chinese new year!)
and hopefully get her in bed earlier (late nights around here, lately)
so we can settle in to watch what I now freely call a soap opera
(yep, I'm talking about Downton Abbey)

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  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend! I love the pic of Terri...she gets more beautiful as time goes by. :) Give everyone our love! (I thought 3 was tricky, too...much more so than 2.)

    1. she really is so beautiful, isn't she? She was sitting there looking so serene and I felt like I just had to take a picture to try to capture that look and feeling..... xoxo

  2. chinese takeout and da sound like the perfect way to end the weekend!

    1. yes, good stuff. totally a soap opera though, right?

  3. Yum to takeout! I thought three yo was easy? you need to plant more subliminal messages about that :) My dad is just starting the sap collection and is hoping for five gallons, I hope he meets his goal!!!

    1. well we really are just into three, and I can't honestly say it's any different, she's just been a touch more evil-eyed and 'grumpstery' lately. good idea- I'll start having strategic conversations with others about the ease and peace of three and make sure she can overhear them ;)

      sweet! we were thrilled with our three, for sure. we didn't really know what to expect and had four trees tapped. going tomorrow to pull the taps.


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