I asked her what she wanted for her upcoming birthday
"a caterpillar", she said, "a real caterpillar"

friday was
setting taps in some sugar maples (more on this very soon- we are so excited!)
heading in to work and realizing how very much I love it
veggie & quinoa chili over rice, with cornbread
several rounds of cribbage before bed

saturday was a making day
banana bread
spoon oil (I will never melt beeswax any other way)
an exciting first sap collection (!)

we spent a while outside,
one of those perfectly crisp and clear sky winter days
me, pruning shrubs to try to disuade the hens from roosting in them
she, collecting kindling, a favorite activity of late

bob marley records playing reminded her of her love for three little birds
(which she likes to run around in circles singing)
and redemption song
(which she calls 'rotaintion' song)

a nice cozy fire

sunday was baked oatmeal and coffee for breakfast
orange juice for her, with the fancy straw, please

puttering around listening to some records, thinking of weeding some out
nitty gritty dirt band and some jazz were the highlights
listened to yes as well (as in the band, not the affirmative)
don't know if that one will make the cut
papa will likely vote yes (as in the affirmative)
cleaning out my trunk full of fabric, etc
I found a scrapbook from high school and early college
how fun to look back through those pages
thinking a lot about good old friends, need to make some calls,
write some letters

more remodel/renovation/general organizing daydreams
slow but steady

another sap collection

now I'm cleaning out my closet and there's some
curry on the stove

and tomorrow is still the weekend

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  1. "And tomorrow is still the weekend." YAY! I do love a nice, long weekend. I love your life! So peaceful, quiet, simple...I crave all of that. I feel like ours is peaceful and quiet, but probably not simple, although I'm working on that.

    Enjoy your extra day with your loves!

    1. it IS often peaceful, quiet, and simple... except of course, for when it isn't. and then it's anything but. good grief, if you figure out simple with four boys, you better write a book!

  2. my dad makes the best maple syrup ever. Seriously! I hope you share some photos of your process. I think my mr would love to sit and listen to your music. I wonder how you will procure a real live caterpillar in this weather??

    1. I hope we can channel some of your dad's maple-syrup-making-mojo then, because (aside from Mike making a little, once, years ago) we are quite new at the game. We will try our first boiling off tomorrow, fingers crossed that our setup will do the trick. pictures to come, absolutely!

      Kinda hoping she forgets about the caterpillar request..... I mean really, what can I do? Instead she's getting a play cash register and we're turning a pull-out hamper in her room into a little secret cave.

  3. curry! yum. sounds like a peaceful weekend.

    1. I scored food-service sized (5#!) bags (as in more than one, ahem) of ready-made yellow curry complete with coconut milk, onions, herbs, and spices at a local discount grocer a while back. Add veggies and make some rice and voila!


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