the lights stay

just because the calendar turned don't go thinking I'm gonna take down those sparkly white lights.  they are here to stay, along with the foil-flower surrounded strand of colored lights that are dangled over the hutch in the dining room.

the tree was moved to the front porch yesterday (and will soon spend some time as bird habitat before becoming an awesome bonfire starter), and other christmasy decor was moved back to the bin it will all sleep in until next year.  surely a few stray candy canes will be floating around for quite some time, but other than those I am so ready to take a break from sweets for a bit.  give me kale!  give me kimchi!  give me mung beans!

the holiday pandora stations have been swapped back out for the usual van morrison, black keys, billie holiday, ben folds, etc.

we are all feeling better and I've got that itch to purge and clean and start fresh, and so yesterday was spent doing just that- packing bags and boxes with things we've grown out of/don't use anymore/don't need, and bringing them to my trunk where they will await their proper distribution.

but the lights will stay.


  1. love the lights and that topo map - what a great corner!

    1. topo maps make me pretty happy~ it is a sweet little spot, thanks!


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