the last several days have been pretty swell.  there was an impromptu play date with lots of little ones and mamas turning up at a dear friend's house on friday.  tea, sunshine, chickens, a new little babe in arms and one who will be here soon giving us a little show as (s)he danced around in mama's belly.

saturday dawned bright and bold~ one of those quintessentially 'fall' days that everyone can't help but comment on.  myself included.  mike was away at the national fallen firefighter's memorial in maryland, playing with the asheville pipes and drums and honoring an asheville captain who lost his life last year. claire and I walked down to the market via a yard sale and then lingered (and lingered, and lingered) there listening to the most fun music trio ever, visiting friends, eating roasted nuts and fresh figs..... I bought some goat milk caramel sauce and am thinking right now about maybe opening it up to drizzle on top of some apples.

we headed to the library book sale after the market.  via another yard sale.  it was kind of one of the queen of all yard sale yard sales with at least 6 or 7 families selling stuff.  we crammed some stuff into the bottom of the stroller, being careful not to crush the shiitakes from the market.  we left the library sale at 1:45pm.  it was about then I remembered the 4 year old's birthday party we were supposed to be at.  that we were supposed to be at at 1pm.  hmm.  I walked us home as quickly as I could and we did a quick change and jumped in the car.  there in time for quesadillas and cake, and then claire and I were the late-stayers for a bonfire and communal pot of chili and chips.  claire and this particular little 4 year old boy play so amazingly well together.  two strong personalities, and there doesn't seem to be room for taking anything personally when they're so busy running and wrestling with his papa.  I love watching this girl, a couple days before on a rocking horse with a princess dress and a tutu, and now running full speed, barefoot on the gravel driveway, ready to "attack" her friend's very playful papa.  we got home just around bedtime and she was out in no time.

sunday morning she and I enjoyed a brunch fundraiser for the local community garden.  my favorite coffee.  frittata filled with veggies, fresh bread with goat cheese and infused oil, salad, pumpkin-apple soup and apple spice muffins.  just what we needed to fuel us up for a little errand-running.  home in the afternoon for soup and bundling up against the cold grey outdoors.  papa home.

and now monday.  another cold and grey day.  a soft day.  a 'first-fire-of-the-year' day.  I sat there, hogging up the warmth, (like I do) thinking that I'd be content to sit there on the sheepskin in front of the fire with a warm mug in my hands from now until april.  but instead I went to work.  and when I came home it hit me that something about that fire defines home for me.  just a bit.  it just feels so much more like home to me when that light is flickering around inside the stove and the shadows are dancing on the walls.  when I walk in and smell the fire and hear the steady hum of the blower.  when I lay there, right in front of it, and watch it for what feels like hours, and remember so many times before, sitting just like that.  watching snow fall.  writing.  pregnant.  nursing and snuggling a new babe and wondering what on earth I was doing.  sitting quietly late at night after they've gone to bed.  christmas morning cinnamon roll picnics by the fire.  watching her open her first stocking.  and more.

I look forward to the coming season of fireside idleness.  no way can I hide that.

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  1. i love how you described your cold, grey monday as a soft day...i think every monday needs to be a soft day :)

    1. I read a book years ago, it was a travel journal of sorts with essays from women who had traveled alone around the world. One woman mentioned that when she was in Ireland, a certain woman she met always called cold rainy days "soft" and "in the mist"...... I've always loved that. It's such a nice image, and a sweet way to shift my perspective on a cold and rainy day.


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