5:5 (gratitude, day five)


*for the opportunity earlier this week to sit and watch as my daughter and (my) grandmother played and danced in our dining room, taking turns wearing the tutu as they smiled wide and laughed together

*that I took a minute to look up tonight, after unplugging the twinkly lights outside (left out after the swap party, but oh yes, they'll stay) and before coming in, and saw the stars that I haven't been taking the time to look at....... how is it that I've forgotten about the simple beauty of the night sky?

*for the easier days of parenting I've been having here lately~ whether that's due to a change on her part, mine, or both, I'm not sure..... but it's a sweet thing.  sometimes it's just a tiny shift of perspective that makes all the difference.  that, and the fact that it is now glaringly obvious to me that she will not be a little one forever, so I best seek out and hold onto it while I can!

*for the nearly eight hours of sleep I got last night.  consecutive hours.  in my own bed!

*for my job, that allows me to work and parent at the same time, and that doesn't take away our slow, easy mornings that I've come to love so much

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